We All Want Shortcuts

If I gave you a shortcut, would you take it? The politically correct is “no” But that’s foolish. If there’s an easier way to do something, you should take it. It’s not being lazy; it’s being efficient. My concern comes when we try to take this too far. And attempt to find a shortcut for

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Schools Are Broken


Do you believe our current education system prepares us for adult working life? I don’t. In fact, I believe schools harm our youth, teaching them useless facts and skills during their brightest, most formative years. 95% of these skills have no use in the modern workplace. And worse yet, no one is brave enough to

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The Income Gap Will Continue To Rise


I’ve been in recruitment for over a decade now. One trend I’ve noticed is that the top earners are now earning even more than the average joe. Back in 2007, the highest salaries I saw were 450’000 SGD/annum. Now, I’m seeing 700’000 SGD/annum. Meanwhile, the starting salary for a fresh graduate remains at 3’500 SGD/month.

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The Best Executives Think Long Term


Are you a short-term or long-term planner? I recently met a really wise commodities trader at a bar in Tanjong Pagar. He comes from a small town in Britain called Exeter. In Exeter, everyone buys their second-hand cars from a dealer named Honest Joe (I can’t recall the exact name) Honest Joe, as the name

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Stop Comparing Yourself To Others


For many years, I was envious of my friend, Adrian. Adrian and I both started our career as headhunters. But many years ago, he leaped and started his own headhunting firm. That was the best decision he ever made. Over the next few years, his firm became very successful. Today, Adrian draws a high 5

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