2020 Fresh Graduate Resume Sample – Updated!

For many students, one of the most difficult things about the transition from full-time education into the working world is the job hunt. How does someone get the attention of an employer? How can he/she stand out amongst the thousands of other fresh grads out there? From the employer’s perspective, many of the same questions

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List of Headhunters in Singapore (2020 Edition)


WAIT! Before You Reach Out to Headhunters & Executive Search Firms… Corporate headhunters, headhunting firms, and executive search firms receive hundreds of CVs a day. You need to stand out! Before blasting your CV to headhunters and job sites, get some free advice from a former headhunter on how you can improve your CV. Our

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How to Get a Job at 99.co – 5 Questions with a Hiring Manager


99.co is Singapore’s fastest growing property portal, covering the rent and sale of houses, condominiums, apartments and HDBs all across Singapore. Sound like someone you’d like to work for? As part of our new interview series ‘5 Questions with a Hiring Manager’, we spoke with Gail Lau, Regional Talent Acquisition Partner at 99.co and found

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8 Simple Steps – How to Get a Job in Singapore


Singapore’s a great place to live, work, study, build a career, and raise a family. Applying to jobs and hoping to emigrate over? You’re making an excellent choice! Unfortunately, for a lot of international candidates it can feel like their applications are just met with one rejection after another. Let’s take a look at why

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ATS Scanners Explained + 5 Quick Tips to Beat Them


So, you’re searching for a new role. Unfortunately, you’re getting one rejection email after another – even for jobs which you’re really well qualified for! What’s going on? You speak to some friends. A few of them say something about ATS systems: “You got rejected by the ATS system.” “Your CV wasn’t ATS friendly. It’s

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