Q&A: Should I Include My Salary Details On My Resume?


On this post, I will answer a common question asked by many clients we deal with: “Should I include my salary details on my resume or CV?” Why Some Jobseekers Include Their Salary Info On Their Resumes Even if they don’t admit it, many jobseekers look for better job opportunities because of financial concerns. Sometimes, salary

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Resume Writing Tips For Beginners And Fresh Graduates


Your resume is the first “test” you need to pass for employers to consider you in a job. When written well, this piece of document serves as your key to a door of many different opportunities. In this competitive professional world, being remarkable is important. Establishing a good impression through your resume can lead you

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Career Confused? How To Find The Right Career Path


Finding your true calling can be challenging. Sometimes, you land a job that you are not passionate about only because it pays the bills. Other times, it may seem that you are already living the dream, but reality hits when you realise that it you that it doesn’t provide you great financial security. No matter

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Famous Failures: Why You Should Never Give Up


We all strive hard to achieve success. Whether in school, career, family, or in life, we dream to only have best. While you may have your own personal definition of what being successful means, success can be defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose — that no matter how many obstacles you may have to face

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Getting A Better Job


There is an entire section in our bookstores called “self-help.” What we really need is a section called “help others.” To get a better job, you may not need to switch jobs at all. How? Read on. There is one thing you can do that will not only help you find greater fulfillment, meaning and

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