10 Hottest Jobs In Singapore For 2017


Singapore is still considered as one of the best economic contenders in Southeast Asia.

The high demand for employment within Information Technology (IT) and Accounting sectors changed the overall job hunting game in Singapore.

The increase in government projects has also opened many opportunities within the sustainable business and education sectors. This demand is expected to continue throughout the year 2017, thus envisioned to provide viable hiring.

If you are a fresh graduate or a professional looking for job opportunities in Singapore or you simply want to have an idea what the trending careers are out there, this list is for you.

We have compiled the top 10 hottest jobs in Singapore for the year 2017 as reported by Asia Finance and Strait Times Business.

1. Software Developers
(Information Technology)

It is almost unbelievable how the IT industry in the world continues to grow and expand exponentially. Technology and automation have indeed taken over a huge part of people’s life.

Because of this, more and more companies in Singapore (and probably in many countries in the world, too) have opened job opportunities for software developers. In 2017, the demand increase for employment in the IT industry has reached 24%.

Salary range for Software Developers: S$11,000 to S$22,000

2. Accounting Managers

In 2015 alone, the Accounting industry has already surged S$1.8 billion worth of market share and will continue to grow by year 2020.

Accounting for many businesses is one of the main functioning department. Innovation and continuous growth of its manpower considered. Firms expect to maintain their consultancy business and acclaim traditional services to remain robust in the market.

Investment in leadership training, employee retention programs, and career development is set. Significant strategies towards the global perspective will achieve further success.

As of this writing, the said industry is one of the leading sectors in Asia-Pacific, hence the elevated demand for various positions.

Salary range for Accounting Managers: S$5,000 to S$20,000

3. Digital Marketing Specialists
(Sales, Marketing, and Advertising)

Digital Marketing gave birth to many career opportunities in the market.


While traditional advertising and offline marketing are still being utilised (and are far from being extinct), the rise of technology has set a new trend to product and brand marketing.

Jobs such as online marketing, social media management, PPC advertising, brand management, lead generation, online copywriting, and blogging are available everywhere in Singapore, and as long as you have the skills and experience, it should be very easy for you to find one that matches your preference.

Salary range for Digital Marketing Specialists: S$6,000 to S$10,000

4. Financial Analyst
(Banking and Finance)

The Banking and Finance industry currently has S$225 million in growth as Singapore financial market progresses with over 700 financial services institutions in 2017.

Improvement and development of business policies, procedures, strong financial trends and forecasts call for the market demand for Financial Analyst.

The Singapore market is strict with financial methods, authenticity, and financial risks, alongside with its firms and other local businesses.

Salary range for Financial Analysts: S$7,000 to S$13,000

5. Office Managers and Personal Assistants

Due to increase demand of manpower in different industry mentioned, businesses need support staff as well. Office Managers and Personal Assistants are one of the recently in demand job positions in the market today.

Personnel play a great part in helping the company achieve success. This may sound as a good opportunity for you to explore – the more the economy and new business grow, the demand will soar as high as well.

Salary range for Office Managers and Personal Assistants: S$4,000 to S$7,000

6. Research and Development Officers
(Health and Life Sciences)

The Government has invested S$19 billion in research development alone as part of the Research, Innovation, and Enterprise 2020 Plan. This job demand will continue to soar even after 2020 when the project has also been implemented.

Researchers play a significant role in developing viable study for health and life sciences project. An organised and systematic investigation paved the way to a clearer vision of the country and its people.

The skills and educational attainment you have in research, especially in Science Research can constitute to an opportunity not just to acquire a job but to serve the community.

Salary range for Researchers: S$7,000 to S$12,000

7. Lecturers and Professors

With the current global aim to align educational institutions’ curriculum to produce competent graduates, lecturers and/or professors are being well-sought after.

Singapore is part of the global aim to produce competent graduates. Competent will mean the alignment of skills and field of study on what the market continuously needs.

For education advocates, this is a good open opportunity to support the education sector in bringing forth graduates of today to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Salary range for Lecturers and Professors: S$10,000 to S$16,000

8. Lawyers and Legal Officers
(Corporate Law)

As the birth of new business and the expansion of many companies, legal help could be always a concern. Companies are always after their security specifically financial and government-related matters. Legal consultancy and presence has been a prevalent need.

For businesses, legal issues are one of the things they do not want to face and adhere upon. This demand is unusual yet significant to the business and economic development.

While the increase demand for lawyers and legal officers is on the move, paralegals and legal assistants are also being sought-for to assist on the documentation and available cases, if any.

Salary range for Lawyers: S$7,500 to S$20,000

9. Contract Employment

Part-time and/or contract employment has an increased demand across different industries especially in IT, Sales and Marketing, Journalism/Broadcasting, and Finance sectors.

Lifestyle changes also affect job offerings as some professionals often seek for casual employment rather than full-time to spend more time with their family or leisure activities.

Contract employment has also been made possible by the strong utilization of digitalisation and technology innovation. Moreover, a lot of companies has welcomed work-from-home set-up.

Salary range for Contract Employment: S$500 to S$2,000

10. Agriculturist and Engineers
(Sustainable Businesses – Agriculture, Energy, and Minerals)

The global exercise of going environment-friendly has convene opportunities for sustainable businesses to embark and expand. The government has also expressed its support to sustainable business models.

By 2030, sustainable business models are set to open 230 million jobs in Asia. Gone are the days that only trending sectors such as IT, Marketing, Accounting, and Finance are the only ones that offer huge employment opportunity.

The agricultural sector opens for innovation and development that supports sustainable living and environment-friendly movement.

One of these job opportunities can be your entry to success. With further hard work and discipline, you can gear to the right career path you have been dreaming of.

Pursuing what you are passionate about can lead you to many places. In this era, it is convenient to know that a lot of industry opens various need that can accommodate working individuals from different aspects of living and studies.

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