5 Career Lessons From A Career Coach

I spend a lot of time these days meeting people, giving talks, and sharing career lessons. A few days ago someone asked me what were some of the best things I learnt from working so far.

It was a simple question but answering it revealed so much. Here’s a summary of the best things I’ve learnt from working for over a decade:

Helpful Career Lessons from a Career Coach

1. Office politics is always there. Always be positive and not get involved.

We’re human and by nature we have preferences. Likes and dislikes. This applies to our colleagues as well. It’s difficult to avoid office politics.

The best way to deal with it though is to be positive. Be the joyful, happy go lucky chap that always gives the benefit of the doubt.

I love being around people with a great positive energy. Be that person. Be the kind of colleague people in your office like being around.

2. You always have a choice to quit

If you are being mistreated,exploited or under-appreciated…LEAVE. You’ll eventually find another job in a better environment. And because it’ll be a better fit for you, you’ll likely perform better. Meaning you’ll like be earning more as well.

Life is short. Don’t hesitate to take action to make it better.

3. You learn by listening, not talking

You’ll learn by listening rather than talking in almost every job. You’re surrounded by people more experienced and talented than you. Learn from them!

4. If you are genuinely sick – DON’T COME TO WORK

I really hate this show face culture in Singapore. What matters is your work output, not whether you’re seated in front of your computer till 10pm.

If you’re ill, please stay at home and get better. Don’t infect your colleagues with your illness. Also, your health is more important than any pending project. Projects come and go, we only have 1 body to take care of.

5. Constantly get feedback

Speak to your superior. Always understand what your performance level is at. Always know what you need to work on next.

Feedback shouldn’t be a once a year exercise during the annual performance review. It should be a weekly, if not a daily thing. Self improvement is a continuous process.

On that note. I need some feedback. What do you think of these 5 career lessons from a career coach? Email me at contact@resumewriter.sg

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