5 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Interview Calls


So you’ve been reading all our content for months and making all those changes to your CV.

The problem? You’re still not getting interview calls.

It’s frustrating. You’re feeling lost.

This piece is for you.

Here are five reasons why you’re not getting interview calls.

1) Your CV is boring

I’m a broken record for repeating this. But it’s true – a bad CV is the #1 reason why job seekers don’t get interview calls.

Think about it; top MNCs get hundreds of applications for each role. There is serious competition. You need a good CV to stand out.

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2) Your CV is not ATS optimised

Many firms use automated ATS scanning software to look for keywords in your CV. If your CV lacks those keywords, it’ll get automatically rejected before it reaches the eyes of a human reader.

(Personally, I’m very against these ATS scanners. So many good candidates get rejected)

Use apps like www.jobscan.co or www.careerhero.asia to optimise your CV before you apply for jobs.

3) You’re not emailing the hiring manager

Due to the large number of applicants today, it’s unlikely that you’ll get noticed through the front door.

You need to get creative and learn how to bypass HR departments.

Use LinkedIn and search for the person most likely to be the position’s hiring manager. That could be someone in the department you’re applying to or the company’s talent recruiter.

Do whatever it takes to get your application in front of a real human. The front door is too crowded.

4) Tell a good story (narrative)

Your CV needs a good story. We wrote about it here.

A great CV narrative is unforgettable. You instantly look like the candidate they’ve been waiting for all this while.

5) You’re not qualified

If you only meet 4 out of the 8 requirements, it’s impossible that you’ll be called for an interview. Especially not in today’s employers market.

Be realistic about your target roles. If there are gaps in your CV, work hard on filling them. That’s the surest way to success.


A great career takes work. There are so many talented, hungry, executives today.

To get that overweight performance, you need to put in the overweight effort.

Nothing in life is free. But in the long run, we all get what we deserve.

Keep dreaming big. Keep working hard.

Success is waiting for you.

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