5 ways to stand out to your future employer

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When it comes to job hunting, we could probably all benefit from being a bit more proactive and creative. Job searching can often seem like a thankless task, but if you focus your efforts on offering something unique to recruiters, you will reap the benefits.

You may not be able to be as creative as advertising your talents on a billboard, like the freelance graphic designer who won a competition by Quinnstheprinters; but there are steps you can take to boost your profile and make yourself more unique.


Attention-grabbing cover letter

Your cover letter is the first thing the recruiter will see and it needs to get to the point quickly. The best way to do this and to grab attention at the same time is to be unique, while also showing your understanding of the company.

If you are applying to work in Golden Village, for example, you may say something like ‘I’ve spent the last ten years visiting your premises and never want to leave, so I’ve decided that I should apply to work here.’ It’s short, snappy and shows that you have a genuine interest in the company.


Tailor your CV

Although it can be time-consuming, especially if you are applying for a lot of different jobs, it is important to tailor your CV to suit each of them. The reason for this is that every job will be different and you want to ensure you are clear about how you will fit into the role.

If you are applying to work in the creative industry, you might want to be creative with your CV. Take a look at this example of a creative CV, it’s simple but definitely catches the eye!

Recruiters in this industry will definitely be impressed with something a little different. However, make sure the content doesn’t suffer as a result.


First impressions count

Your interview is the first time the recruiters will see you and you only have around 30 minutes to create a good impression, so what is the interviewer really looking for?

The first point to make is that you should be well dressed for the occasion, regardless of the job. A suit is always preferable and jewellery should be kept to a minimal.

You should be organised and prepared for the job interview, so make sure you are ready to answer any questions related to your previous roles and conduct research on the company. Make eye contact during the interview, be personable and positive and you will stand yourself in good stead.


Sort out your social media

Employers may look at your social media before inviting you for an interview, so do a sense check to ensure there is nothing off-putting.

You should never use social media to rant about your manager, to talk about your own personal problems or to be negative against anyone else.

Even if your profile is private, you never really know who is looking so be very careful. It is better to keep your private affairs behind closed doors, especially when you know potential employers could be looking.

You can also stand out by being engaged in your industry of choice. For example, you might tweet about news relevant to your field, or comment on the work or opinions of other professionals. It reveals your passion for the work you do.


Embrace your connections

Employers will always tend to favour candidates that come with a referral from someone thy trust, so make sure you are not doing yourself a disservice by hiding away.

Connect with other professionals on social media such as LinkedIn and get yourself out to networking events. The more people who know you and are able to vouch for your talent, the better for your profile and potential job prospects.

Speak to people, do some business development and get out and about to meet potentials. You never know what the outcome might be!

With the unemployment rate sitting at over 3%, it can be a competitive market, especially in certain industries.

There are no tricks to hide true talent, but there are definitely ways to stand out and get yourself noticed.

Think outside the box and use a bit of creativity, if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success.

You may even want to consider investing in some career coaching if you want to give your job prospects an extra boost!

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