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5 Signs You Should Quit Your Job


Unless you’re a famous football player or a luxury hotel tester, you probably don’t always love your job. Consequently, when the thought of moving on flits across your mind, you may wonder if it’s genuinely a good idea or if you’re simply falling into a grass-is-greener mentality. The fact is that there are no fixed

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Career Development for the Fast Paced Singapore Workforce


Are we still happy about how our careers are panning out? Is it even possible to be happy for us to be happy at work? Who can we depend on to manage or realign our careers for us? We need to understand that the relationship between employer and employee has evolved. In the past where the world

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Jobs That Will Soon Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence


Job elimination by artificial intelligence is a real thing—whether it is good or bad is a bit of a different story. As you focus on gaining success in your industry, you may likely see automation in the workplace as a threat. However, when automation strikes, the jobs that are taken are generally jobs that are

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Floriculture Jobs: Career Options and Requirements


A career in the floral industry sounds equally tempting and rich as the objects they study themselves. While studying flowers can lead to a beautiful job surrounded by flowers, a career in the floral industry is uncertain. If you do study flowers and acquires a certain degree, what are your options? Where do you go

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10 Ways To Mess Up Your Salary Negotiation [Infographics]


I was so nervous when I collected my first car. It was the first time I will be driving without an instructor next to me. I don’t even dare to take the highway since that wasn’t covered during lessons. But I survived, albeit the same feeling came back the first time I drove into Malaysia.

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Best Jobs for Your Personality Type [Infographics]


Many job placement companies and career counseling centers will factor in a person’s Myers-Briggs personality type when finding them the perfect job. Find your type and find a job that fits your specific disposition. Source: ISTJ These types are good work horses, as they get things done. They see every detail of a plan

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5 Tips On How To Manage Your Sabbatical


Sabbaticals are extended breaks from work and they are becoming prevalent these days. While people used to take sabbaticals because of burnout from work, there is a growing trend in people taking sabbaticals to attend to other more urgent priorities or rethink their career direction. A sabbatical is just like taking a pit stop during

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How to Put Together the Perfect CV


Your CV is usually the first part of your application your potential employer will see and so it’s vital you get it just right. You need the right lay-out, beautiful presentation, specially tailored information, and faultless spelling, punctuation, and grammar. That might be easier said than done, but there’s no way around it. In today’s

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