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8 Signs That it’s Time to Quit Your Job


We all have a bad day at the office every now and then. But when a bad day turns into a bad week, a bad month, or even a bad year, it’s time to reflect on whether your current role is right for you. Quitting your job is not a decision to make lightly, which

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9 Incredibly Useful Websites To Get Hired As A Software Developer


So you completed your 6-month coding classes. Now what? Going by United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth rate of software developer employment is set to grow by 17 percent. That’s a huge difference compared to the average growth rate of 7 percent for all occupations. You can probably expect another software developer in the job market every

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Will Automation Take Away Jobs In Singapore?


It wasn’t so long ago when Singaporeans were lamenting that foreign talents are taking away their jobs. Senior managements of MNCs were staffed with expatriates from the home country and Changi Business Park was given the dubious title of “Changalore Business Park”. About 4 years ago, the government listened to the ground sentiment and tightened

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5 Things You Need To Know Before Career Switching


So you want to switch career. The thought alone is daunting. You don’t know where to begin but your heart is pulling you in that direction. Or it could be a case of situation because of the recent retrenchment. Your options seemed so limited and your age isn’t helping either. With mounting bills and escalating

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How to Impress During Your Probation Period


So you have signed on the dotted line, tendered your resignation, bid farewell to your soon-to-be-former-colleagues. Excitedly, you wait for your first day of your new employment. Hold on, there is a probation period, before you become a ‘confirmed’ staff, and officially join your new family at work. The probation period is there for a

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5 ways to stand out to your future employer


When it comes to job hunting, we could probably all benefit from being a bit more proactive and creative. Job searching can often seem like a thankless task, but if you focus your efforts on offering something unique to recruiters, you will reap the benefits. You may not be able to be as creative as

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19 Reliable Early Retrenchment Signs You Need To Know


Over my 16 year career, I’ve been through two rounds of retrenchment, was close to another one and had to retrench people personally during the global financial crisis. I didn’t see the retrenchments coming in my early days but my stint as a business owner gave me a better sense for when the tides are changing.

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What are Best and Worst Paying Jobs in Singapore in 2017?


According to the latest Cost of Living Survey by The Economist, Singapore remains the world’s most expensive city. Jon Copestake, editor of the survey, was also quick to point out that: “Singapore’s position is skewed slightly by the complex system for buying and registering cars as well as relatively high incomes.” In relation this, Cash

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Free 20 ATS-Friendly Resume Examples


Not sure how to design your resume to capture attention of recruiters? Or is your resume simply falling into the ATS black hole and not getting you any response from companies? Increase your interview chances with 20 free resume examples that are compatible with computer screens. All of them come with beautiful layouts for any

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