How to Become a Software Developer in Singapore


The Information Technology (IT) industry has expanded its global horizon through the years. The presence of automation and digitalisation strengthened the said industry’s demand. Thus, it is considered to be one, if not the leading industry in the international perspective.

Singapore maintains continuous surge in development with their advanced IT and software infrastructures. Collaborative IT materials opened manpower junctures that seeks persistency to progress and inclusion.

IT has several fields you can be part of – software development is one. Hence, exceptional opportunities have opened special career advancement in the said growing industry.

If you are getting ready in pursuing your career as a software developer, here’s a career guide you can follow on how to become a software developer in Singapore.

About the Software Developer Role

The main functions of software developers include research, design, execution, testing, and maintenance of programs, including systems, solutions, and applications. They are the key people involved with different software development facets.

To make businesses more efficient, software developers are vital requirements in companies. Part of their duties and responsibilities are systems modifications and integration. Further functions involve writing program codes and preparation of training manuals for users.

Career Requirements

The minimum degree requirement for a software developer is a Bachelor’s Degree with an encouraged opportunity to pursue Certification Programs or a Master’s Degree. The field of education expertise can vary from Computer Science, Computer Programming, Computer Engineering, Information Technology or any related field.

A software developer must possess logical and structural thinking, attention to detail, time management, core programming language and other software development skills. Strong communication, decision-making, project management, programming skills and design are a must.

Salary range for a software developer per annum usually ranges from S$66,000 to S$130,000.

Step-By-Step Guide in Becoming a Software Developer

Step 1: Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Bachelor’s degree is a minimum requirement in any software developer job post. The said degree will demonstrate your abilities and necessary skills needed for the job.

To create an edge: Earn a certification of completion from an internship. This will increase your chances of getting hired for a real gig. This gives an employer the impression that you already have basic experience for the position you are applying for.

Step 2: Acquire Work Experience

Once you have completed your bachelor’s degree including your internship, you can now apply for software development jobs and acquire work experience. This will help you gain more skills and expand your understanding about the field.

To create and edge: Network. In any work experience, broadening your network is important. This can help you acquire more contacts, work with more colleagues, and even make friends. It’s also important to have acquaintances from different industries to increase your chances of acquiring knowledge and widen your opportunities.

Step 3: Get Work Tenure

It is ideal for employers to know that you have stayed enough or longer in a job. This give the impression that you have people skills and that you can handle pressure and stress.

To create an edge: Work your way to the top and always practice resilience. This can serve you in the long run.

Step 4: Consider Certification or Master’s Degree

Certification programs and/or a master’s degree can advance your career and knowledge to the next level. It can help you get ahead of the competition and help you climb the corporate ladder.

To create an edge: If you are thinking whether certification programs or master’s degree can suit well with your current schedule, attending software development seminars can be an alternative. This will also help you network with different professionals in your niche.

Job Opportunities for Software Developers in Singapore

Software developers have great opportunities in Singapore, given the advancement of IT industry in the country. All you need is to complete the minimum career requirements and earn progressive skills.

The demand for software developers and other IT jobs will be consistent as Singapore’s IT industry progresses. In this regard, the future is bright for IT professionals and career advancement is sure given in the software development niche.

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