Best Companies for Fresh Graduates in Singapore

For many fresh graduates in Singapore, remuneration, compensation and cold-hard cash are what they typically consider when choosing ideal employers.

While it is common to focus on the monetary aspects of a job, be wary as you may miss out on other important factors that one should consider when taking the first step after school.

To help out fresh graduates map out their career plans, we have tabulated a list of companies in Singapore that have been voted as the top choice among fresh graduates in the Singapore’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers survey.

Reigning Champions: PWC, EY, KPMG & Deloitte

Holding the top place since 2012, PWC continues to be the dream ‘Big 4’ firm to go to amongst fresh accounting graduates. They are known to have the best hours as compared to the other accounting firms, strong training and learning culture coupled with the growth and promotion opportunities every year.

Moreover, strong support for internal and cross border mobility, which millennials value these days, put it right at the pinnacle.

Nevertheless, the other 3 firms, namely EY, KPMG, and Deloitte, are positioned closely behind as runner ups. The ability to fulfil 3 criteria: Prompt Promotion, Relevant Training and a young, vibrant culture allows these accounting ‘Big 4’ firms to attract fresh talents despite the long, crazy working hours.

Local Strength: DBS Bank

DBS is known to be a place where it’s fun, lively and packs the punch when it comes to money. The brand is both household and well-liked and a graduate can never go wrong if you land a job here.

Moreover, they hire dozens of young leaders for their Management Associate Programme (MAP) or Graduate Associate Programme (GAP) every year. These bright young talents are slated to take the helm in years to come.

When it comes to benefits, DBS arguably is the best when it comes to annual leave entitlement. A whopping 26 days! This provides the fresh graduate plenty of opportunities to complete the long overdue backpacking trip across South East Asia!

A Great Way To Fly: Singapore Airlines

Not only is Singapore Airlines one of the best airlines in the world, it ranks highly when it comes to ratings amongst fresh graduates.

Who would say no to free flights once a year, a dynamic career and the opportunity to work with our national carrier? The opportunities are endless with the number of countries that SIA group operates in. One can only look forward to a high-flying (no pun intended) career with them!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt when there is a strong tailwind by the government who has a strong focus in developing Singapore as an aviation hub.

Honourable Mentions: Microsoft, Unilever, and Shell

These 3 firms are still being ranked within the top 20 but they definitely rank the top for the respective sectors they belong as they are the best in what they do. Employees in Microsoft can expect to work on key projects and see them go live and in the hands of consumers worldwide.

Unilever gives young graduates the autonomy to run their brands and challenge them everyday to think out of the box.

For Shell, everyone is family and the generous bonus package is something that all employees are proud of.

Your Employer Is Not Listed?

Looking for ways to break into these sectors? Taking up relevant degrees, enrolling yourself in courses or mingling around with industry peers will not be enough.

Remember, if it is a popular employer, competition is extremely stiff and your resume has to highly differentiated. Not sure how to write a killer resumer? Speak to one of our resume experts to transform your resume for your next big jump.

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