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#1 Timeless Black

Timeless Black

A no frills ATS friendly template. Recruiters love this for its condensed text block and easy to read sections.

#2 Professional Blue

Professional Blue

Simple yet distinctive in style. A slight shade of blue that looks great even when printed in black & white.

#3 Professional Black

Professional Black

An all black variation of our professional template.

#4 Classic Red

Classic Red

A clean template with an exciting dash of red. Perfect if you’re looking to stand out with a bit of colour.

#5 Classic Blue

Classic Blue

A blue variation of our classic CV template. A more understated but still colourful option.

#6 Bold Red

Bold Red

A striking resume template with bold text and distinctive red tones.

#7 Modern Blue

Modern Blue

A more contemporary style, with dashes of blue scattered throughout this CV template.

#8 Modern Purple

Modern Purple

Variation of our modern resume template, with a fun hue of purple.

#9 Modern Green

Modern Green

Variation of our modern CV template, with a touch of green.

#10 Simple Violet

Simple Violet

Simple resume template with a fresh shade of violet

#11 Simple Green

Simple Green

Variation of our simple CV template with a soothing tone of green.



After writing your resume, reach out to us for Free CV Feedback before sending your application. We’ll review it for you, to maximise your chances of landing a role!


Why Choose Our Free Resume Templates?

We know what you’re thinking: Why use our free resume templates?


You’re right – there are hundreds of free resume templates online. You can even use resume builders. So what makes us different?


We get you job interviews.


At ResumeWriter, we’ve been writing clients’ resumes for over 10 years. We land them interviews. You know what’s a key to successfully landing an interview?


A simple yet EFFECTIVE resume template.

Which we’re offering to you below 🙂



Here are other reasons why our CV templates are your best choice:


  • Complete Format: Our free resume templates have all the relevant sections advocated by Workforce Singapore.
  • Effective & Successful: Our CV templates have been extensively tried and tested, and are proven to be effective in capturing the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Many of our clients get back to us and share how successful their job applications were when using our free resume templates.
  • Free and Easy to Use: They’re free, downloadable, and easy to use. You can use them to create a resume for online applications or print them out for a hard copy version.
  • Multiple Styles to Choose From: You can choose from a range of styles and designs. We have everything from tight and professional to spacious and fresh. Our designer CV templates can be applied to any industry, background or skillset.
  • ATS Optimised: Our CV templates are designed to be easily read by modern hiring systems, including Applicant Tracking Solutions (ATS). You can be confident that every detail in your CV will be read by HR software. Nothing will be missed out.


How to Write a Resume?

Writing a resume can be nerve-wrecking. Especially more so if you haven’t written one in a while. But don’t fret!

We want to help you. We LOVE seeing our clients land interviews and JOBS using our resume writing technique. So we’ve put together an ultimate guide on How to Write a Resume, using a client’s case study as an example. Read John’s AMAZING true story here!


How long should your resume be?

Our resume writing consultants get asked this question all the time.

For mid-career and senior-career jobseekers, a 2-3 page resume would suffice. If you just started your career, or are an early-career jobseeker, a 1-2 page resume works.

We dive into further detail in our Ultimate Resume Writing Guide.


Which Resume Template Should You Use?

We have 11 free and downloadable resume templates to choose from:

  • 3 timeless and professional resume templates in blue and black

  • 6 classic and bold resume templates in blue, red, green and purple

  • 2 simple resume templates in violet and green

Pick the CV format and design that suits your taste and/or matches your personality best.


As a quick guide, these are our recommendations:

  • Classic/Bold/Modern CV Templates are ideal for fresh graduates, junior executives, managers, and middle management professionals.
  • Timeless/Professional Black CV Templates are ideal for senior managers, directors, general managers, and top executives.
  • Simple CV Templates are for anyone who prefers a minimalist design, and doesn’t want a resume format that’s too elaborate or complex.

Again, these are simply recommendations. It is up to you to decide which resume format and design you’d like to use.


Final Tips and Technical Advice

  • All our resume templates are compatible with Microsoft Word. They will also work and can be opened using other applications such as OpenOffice and Mac Pages.
  • They were created in Microsoft Office and use the default fonts of Microsoft Office 2010. If you open our CV templates and they do not appear the same as the preview on this page, it may be because of a compatibility issue.
  • Our Microsoft Word CV templates are formatted using Singapore letter size, but you can change the size accordingly to make it compatible with the size your prefer.
  • All files are editable. If you cannot edit any of the templates after you download them, click “Enable Editing” on the message that pops up.
  • After writing your resume using these templates, feel free to reach out to our expert resume consultants for Free CV Feedback! We will review your resume at no cost!
  • Want to know what a job-winning Resume for a specific industry or job looks like? Explore our range of 50+ Resume Samples for different role and sectors in Singapore.




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