Find Jobs in Singapore using Social Media

Finding jobs in Singapore is never an easy task.

While most of us turn to job sites like,, and when we are looking for a new job, few realise the potential of scoring an interview outside those realms.

Do you know that many has proven to have gotten jobs in Singapore through social media sites?

Social media has been on the rise since 2001, and has since evolved so much beyond maintaining connections with friends and family to what it is today. It is now widely used as an information dissemination tool, a marketing tool, and a mean to reach out to potential employers.

Using LinkedIn to Apply for a Job

The first career networking site that comes to mind for most people is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great tool that allows applicants to search for jobs they are interested in and directly reach out to the hiring manager via the site. It is thus important to ensure that your profile is able to catch the eye of recruiters who are going through hundreds of profiles a day. Some of the ways you can do so are using a professional photo, ensuring your profile is updated and easy to read, and using a good headline. It is also a great idea to build up your connections on LinkedIn and follow the companies you are interested in. This will allow you to open up more opportunities and keep yourself updated on the happenings of your target companies.

How to Take Advantage of Facebook

In terms of sheer user size, Facebook far outweighs LinkedIn with 1.71 billion users (LinkedIn has 450 million users) – that means a lot more potential doors for you to open. It does work a little differently though. While LinkedIn provides applicants with a platform to immediately get in contact with the relevant personnel in the target companies, Facebook serves more to find network connections and to learn more about the people who will interview you. Here’s a tip: classify all the friends you consider professional contacts under a “Work” list. This way, you will be able to target your work-related status updates.

Can You Find Job Openings on Twitter?

To better utilize Twitter as a tool in job search, it is advisable for you to create a separate professional account. You can then use it to follow any companies you are interested in, job websites and even head hunters to convert your feed into a trove of regular advice and resources to assist you in your job hunt. You can also retweet and comment on job related content to boost your own profile and provide value to your followers.

For the modern jobseeker, there are so many ways to reach out to potential employers beyond the conventional methods – and social media is all but one of the approaches you can take up. Find out what works best for you and leverage on the resources available to maximise your reach to more opportunities. Good luck!

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