Finding Jobs in Singapore is Easy According to MOM Study

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) studied and reported the status of the country’s employment and unemployment data.

The findings will surprise you!

Continue reading below to know how long an average jobseeker needs to land a new or better job.

8 Weeks Is All You Need

2009 has been the year of the height recession for the region.

Singapore residents, immigrants, and expatriates are duly affected of the slight economic collapse in the country. Despite the job cuts that are considered the highest for the said year, they did not fully affect the impression of the country’s residents and immigrant workers.

In fact, Singapore is still considered the employment of choice by professionals in Southeast Asia to expand their careers and venture on different businesses.

In recent study, MOM showed confidence that the exact turnover time from your unemployed to employment in the country is only eight (8) weeks.

This means, you only need 8 weeks to get hired to a new job; this is also in comparison to other developed countries like Australia which have the record of at least seventeen (17) weeks.

The reason behind the short outturn of employment is the rise of new businesses and the continuous innovation and development of new products and services by established companies. With this fact, as well as the escalation of digitalisation, manpower is considered and sought for.

What Does This Mean For Job Seekers Like You

Simple. Your chances of getting hired are still high, so there’s not too much to fear about.

Additionally, in support of manpower and job openings, Singapore has also welcome retirees ages 62 a re-employment. It constitutes to a 98% of the total working retiree population in the country.

Furthermore, the country and its leaders do not want to specifically be complacent with the output figures of the study. This served as a good basis of their next move towards more employment, economic growth, and globally acclaim market share.

With this opportunity to expand and do greater than the past years, Singapore currently focuses on aligning jobseekers’ skills to what the market demands. They have started to offer more support to those who are already part of the workforce by honing their skills based on the market requirement.

Moreover, they have also touched the root of all alignment – the education system. It is encouraged to align students’ curriculum to duly prepare them for the corporate world.

What’s In Store For You

Singapore’s economic challenges have served as an opportunity to expand and to work on related projects that can boost its industrial morale to a whole new perspective.

The improvements and soon-to-be implemented projects will not only benefit the economy, but also the country’s people and tourism.

Such projects are expected to attract more professionals like you, and even immigrants to join Singapore’s further development.

Getting Started: Where And How To Find Jobs In Singapore

To find jobs in Singapore, you can opt to visit and sign up to different job search portals and websites such as JobStreet, JobsCentral, and eFinancialCareers. Here is a complete list of job sites in Singapore.

This way, you can connect with several potential employers and learn about their job vacancies and specific job requirements even before applying for the job.

You can also have the option to look at newspapers’ classified ads or hire recruitment agencies or headhunters. While the latter can be costly on your part, rest assured that they have a high rate of job placement.

Expand your horizon by networking and working on referrals. This can open huge opportunities for you without spending a dime.

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Safe to say, the Singaporean’s workforce and overall market can robustly compete with other developed countries when it comes to business and employment. With the vigorous figures presented, the country is now being able to recover from the past years’ recession record.

The continuous growth and innovation of products and services by the Government have been also great instruments for the country to take on the higher spot in the competition.

Singapore remains to be one of the employers of choice in Asia.

At the height of the competition, it didn’t affect its employment quality. Thus, the country remains to be competitive with a record of only 8 weeks for job and employment turnover.

No need to worry so much about reaching your dream jobs. 8 weeks is all you need.

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