Floriculture Jobs: Career Options and Requirements


A career in the floral industry sounds equally tempting and rich as the objects they study themselves. While studying flowers can lead to a beautiful job surrounded by flowers, a career in the floral industry is uncertain.

If you do study flowers and acquires a certain degree, what are your options? Where do you go from there? We’ve researched and talked with the best florist in Singapore and the best florist in Hong Kong, to study how to make your career flourish and whether it is even possible.


What are the Requirements?

There are different levels of education in any industry, some giving you an entry ticket into the world, and some give you a chance to do more and be more.

  1. High School Diploma

Right after high-school you can already jump into your dream career path, starting off as a garden center worker or possibly a landscape technician.

As with all jobs, most businesses prefer education and experience. This may lead to manager positions, in a few years time, while you perfect your design and customer service skills.

  1. Certificate Programs

If you’re aiming for more, the door of opportunity opens by completing a certificate programs in floriculture. Certain junior colleges offer these programs that last up to a year, and are a combination of design courses with a dash of horticulture.

The program also entails perfecting marketing skills, wedding flower design, and interior decoration and shop management, enabling you to pursue a different career path.


What Are the Options?

There are different paths you can follow in the floriculture industry, and it depends on what your personal preference is and experiences so far.

1)      Floral Sales Representative

Slightly less creative than floral designer, but still keeping up with the trends and the industry, a floral sales representative is in charge of introducing trends and helping flower shops boost business.

In addition, they are responsible for generating new customers and call on flower shops and garden centers, in order to sell flower products, arrangements and flowers in general. Every florist in the world, form florist in Bugis, to florist in Japan needs a floral sales representative.

2)      Floral Production Manager

The second career option entails planning and coordinating flowers and plant production, typically in garden centers, nurseries and greenhouses. It combines both knowledge and experience to grow plants in their ideal settings. In addition, production managers can review sales, manage floral staff and review inventory.

After consulting an experienced 24 hour florist delivery in Singapore, we’ve concluded that there is always a need for production managers as they are an essential part of the floral industry.

3)      Floral Designer

Whether you want to thrive and become a Dubai Florist or a Hong Kong florist, the creatives are welcome always. A keen eye for design and a vivid imagination can make your designs enchant the world.

Essentially you can work in a flower shop or a whole sale distributor, arranging bouquets and flowers, and it is the most creative part of the industry. Without floral designers there wouldn’t be a best flower delivery in Singapore, or the best flower delivery in Hong Kong. It’s the starting point of creative work, and where revolutionary ideas that move the industry are born.

There is definitely potential in the floriculture world, along with education, experience and an innovative mind, it can turn out to be a fruitful and rewarding career. There’s always hope and there’s always a chance, but the industry has its challenges and every challenge can be overcome.

A Better Florist in Singapore is an example of a company that took a different approach and have a special philosophy that has enabled to them to build their very own floral empire. With hard work and constant innovation, who knows what awaits?

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