How To Get Top Of The Corporate Ladder Fast


I’ve spent a decade in recruitment. Here’s my sure-fire 10-step way to get to the top of the corporate ladder… fast!

1. Let go of your personal life

To become a corporate king (or queen), you need to sacrifice your personal life — including family, friends, health, personal ambitions, and even your “me” time. Personal matters may become a hindrance to your career growth.

2. Let go of your personal opinions

Want to get promoted? Shut up and kiss ass. You must learn how to breathe in and out the company’s path — or your boss’s plans — towards attaining business goals. No more, no less.

3. Abide by management all the time

You know what they say about getting out of your comfort zone and thinking out of the box? Don’t. Instead, follow the rules, stay inside the corporate box, and just abide by the company’s regulations. Not only will you increase your chances for promotion, you may also get the “Employee of the Year” award.

4. Work longer hours than anyone else

Keeping your presence visible in the office even beyond work hours can make a good impression to the management. It just means that your career is your top priority and you’re spending valuable time to boost the company’s success.

5. Work harder than anyone else

Attend all meetings, get more projects, handle bigger teams, take notes, and eat lunch at your work station. All the hard work will pay off sooner than later.

6. Don’t have children (or a family)

Your priorities will change once you have your own children or family. Work hours will be cut, weekends will be workload-free, and keeping a job will be for your family and not for yourself or the company anymore. To rapidly climb the corporate ladder, you should postpone building a family of your own until you get to where you want to be.

7. Make your desk your best friend

Remember tip no. 5? To show that you are working hard, make sure that you are always on your desk, occupied with piles of paperwork or hundreds of emails.

8. Attend all corporate parties with management

Who doesn’t like company parties? Make sure that you don’t miss any corporate events, especially when management is there. Participate as much as you can and aspire to be a brand ambassador. The more they can see you at corporate parties and other events, the higher the chance they will remember you during promotions.

9. Show loyalty to the company

Employers love it when you are loyal to them. It means you are there to serve longer and be part of the progress. A good alliance is always what they are looking for because it’s easier to expand with people they know and trust.

10. Abide by the hierarchy, even if you find it illogical

Their house, their rules. Always follow what you are told, so there will be no conflicts to arise. If you find any of this illogical, shrug it off and let go of your gut. Your personal opinions won’t help you climb the ladder; the bosses will.

Lastly, if applicable, think creatively to grow the company’s client base and reach targets by 200-300%.

Sounds doable, right? And then what?

You’d get lots of cash, sure — but what would you enjoy it on and when would you get the time to do that? When you’re already on top and you have it all, you will realise that it won’t make you happy.

So really, to climb the ladder fast and be happy at the end of it, find who you really are and do what you enjoy, because true happiness comes from within.

If you really did that, I suspect you would no longer want to climb the corporate ladder.

At least not fast.

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