Highest Paying Jobs in Singapore in 2016

As we sing Aung Lang Syne to 2016, let us take some time to reflect on our professional careers.

Are positioned for the right career or jobs to lead a life that we have always wanted? If not, history has the ability to provide some reference on what has worked in the past, which will translate to what might work in the new year. With that, we are listing down the highest paying jobs in Singapore for 2016.

According to a salary guide by Kelly Services, a HR consultancy firm, published in May this year, IT, accounting, sales and marketing, banking and finance, and healthcare and life sciences are the five sectors that topped some of the highest paying jobs in Singapore this year.

Top Of The Table: IT Jobs in Singapore

With an aggressive push by the government to develop the sector coupled with the increasing need for businesses to adopt technology, heads of departments are able to command a salary between S$13,000 – S$24,000 a month. The small talent pool in specific IT roles involving big data, digital marketing or cloud solutions also resulted in the upward pressure in remuneration.

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Steady And Lucrative: Accounting Jobs in Singapore

This is a classic story about the tortoise and the hare. Expect long hours and low wages in the early years, but once you have paid your dues, income will come your way. With the presence of many multi-national companies and corporations with their HQ in Singapore, the sector is poised to lead the way to be a hub for Asia Pacific. With the important task of the company’s financial health in their hands, Chief financial officers are able to command S$10,000 to $20,000. Worry not if you cannot make all the way to the top, finance managers can bring in S$5,000 to S$7,000.

Traditional Money Machine: Banking and Finance Jobs in Singapore

It is not possible to rule out banking as one sector to consider despite the low growth environment and rumoured job instability. Singapore has come a long way to be a financial hub and that is hear to stay with the government focusing on integrating finance and technology to develop the hybrid: Fintech. Indeed, front office jobs are scarce and few, but demand in compliance and risk functions are set to be on a bullish trend. Expect a salary range of S$10,000 and S$17,000 for mid to senior managers in these functions.

A Slice Of The Pie

Looking for ways to break into these sectors? Taking up relevant degrees, enrolling yourself in courses, or mingling around with industry peers will not be enough.

Remember, if it is a top-paying job, competition is extremely stiff and your resume has to highly differentiated. Not sure how to write a killer resumer? Speak to one of our resume experts to transform your resume for your next big jump.

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