Career Coach Reveals Secret on How to Get a Better Job

Many years ago, when I was fresh out of school, I came to the CBD for a job interview.

I knew I looked out of place with my timidness and cheap office attire.

I was sitting at the lobby of one of the office buildings, waiting for my interviewer to come take me up.

I was really nervous.

I was seated next to a very distinguished looking man, in his late 50s, in a suit.

I asked him what he did for a living.

He mentioned he was the CEO of a precision engineering company, and that he was here to meet a headhunter about another opportunity.

This CEO then offered me some career advice.

He said that every time he got a new job, he immediately started looking for a better one.

For him, job seeking was not something one did when necessary. It was a continuing process.

This makes perfect sense if you do the math.

Chances are that the best job for you won’t become available at precisely the time you declare yourself ready.

Your best bet, he explained, was to always be looking for a better deal.

The better deal has its own schedule.

I believe the way he explained it is that your job is not your job; your job is to find a better job.

This was my first exposure to the idea that one should continuously be looking out for better opportunities.

Always keep your head up.

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