How To Write A CV For The Singapore Market


You probably already know how to write a CV, but do you know how to craft one for the Singapore market that will actually help you get a job in Singapore?

Prior to applying for that dream job, run through this checklist to ensure that your CV is in good shape and tailored according to the Singapore market. It’ll make your application far more competitive and improve your chances of an interview call up.

Our guide on how to write a CV is written by professional hiring managers and headhunters, so make sure to follow these tips step-by-step.

1. Match Phrases In The Job Ad

Almost all jobs today are filtered by automated resume scanners. These scanning softwares are designed to weed up unqualified candidates based on the content of their resume.

To get past these scanners, ensure your resume repeats several of the key words or phrases specified in the job advertisement.

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2. Use A Clean Template

Hiring managers are often strapped for time. Make their lives easier by using a template that’s easy to read. Ensure it has all the recommended sections as preferred by headhunters.

Head here to download free resume templates crafted by ex-headhunters.

3. Include Accomplishments

Most candidates who apply to a particular would have all the necessary work experience listed in the job advertisement. In order to stand out, ensure you have strong achievements listed.

Google’s head of HR, Lazlo Bock, advocates the following structure when describing accomplishments:


Eg. Closed over 20 million USD in sales for newly launched line of smartphones by leveraging heavily on affiliate marketing programs with relevant industry partners

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4. Keep The Language Crisp

As far as possible, keep your sentences are sharp and succinct as possible. Avoid rambling on excessively about work scopes or projects. Keep the bare minimum to entice the reader. The exact details can be expanded upon during the interview

For an idea of good resume language, check out our list of CV samples here
To get advice on how to structure your work scopes with resume power words, check out this article

5. Find An Industry Contact

Once your resume is ready, don’t blindly send it out to the hiring manager. Scan through your network to see if you can get a referral. They’re known to be far more effective than a cold application.


Your CV is the one piece of marketing material you have to propel your career forward. Spend plenty of effort in crafting it well. If you know how to write a CV for the Singapore market, it’ll open plenty of doors for you!

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