The Importance of Positive Attitude in the Workplace


Today I want to talk about Harry, an entrepreneur friend of mine who radiates an incredible level of positive attitude in the workplace.

He’s an amazing guy. Incredible intellect, built several successful companies, and is always surrounded by the most beautiful women.

In short, everyone loves Harry.

But what makes Harry really special is that he exudes positivity – constantly.

Complaining Will Do Nothing

Some time ago, we were all at Timbre Arts House having a few pints.

Harry was there with his sister, a management consultant. His sister was complaining endlessly about a large round of layoffs at her current firm. How it was destroying morale and making everyone fear for their jobs.

Harry just sat there listening to her rant, and then when she was done, he said: “Ok, so how can you fix it?”

Everyone was stunned.

How to fix it? This was a large round of layoffs by senior management. There was no way for a mid level executive, such as Harry’s sister, to fix anything.

And that was exactly Harry’s point.

There was no way to fix it. We could sit here and feel sorry for ourselves, complaining about something that’s completely out of our control, or we could be positive and make the best out of the situation.

Radiating Positivity in the Workplace

In your career, there will be ups and downs. Bad things are bound to happen. It’s how you deal with these tough moments that matter.

It’s your choice to react positively or negatively.

And here’s a big secret — in times of turbulence, people seek leaders who offer comfort and security. Nobody wants to hang around someone who complains.

Be the leader your colleagues need. Radiate positivity.

Having a positive attitude in the workplace can help you get ahead in your career. Complaining about things that have already happened will never help.

Look forward. Smile. Tomorrow is a new day.

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