Job Hunting Over Coffee

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I recently finished a book called “Designing Your Life”. It’s by 2 professors at Stanford who teach a course on how to design a balanced, happy life.

I meet so many jobseekers who are eager to break into a new industry. But they don’t know how. They try hard by sending their CVs to top companies in Singapore often with no replies.

So here’s what the book suggested – go out and ask people, in that new industry you’re targeting, for coffee.

The Magic of Coffee Meetings

Yes, you read it right. Invite them for a cup of coffee.

These coffee meetings should be about understanding the industry. Don’t view it as a job interview or an opportunity to milk someone for their contacts.

Just turn up, ask loads of questions. Be interested in their lives and their jobs. Understand what they love most about their industry.


Be Interested, Be Interesting

When you start asking smart questions, people will notice. They’ll see that you “get” their industry. They’ll ask questions about you, and your background.

Then, when you least expect it, you’ll start getting job offers. I’ve personally given this advice to 2 of my clients recently with great success.

But you see, you cannot go into this process expecting to receive job offers. You need to let this happen naturally.

It’s a bit like dating a new girl. You need to be interested in her, but not be too obvious that you really like her. That’ll make you seem desperate and scare her away. It’s a paradox of human psychology.

So go out there, message random people, bring them out for coffee, and ask lots of smart questions. But don’t ask them for a job.

Let them ask YOU if you’d like to work with them.

If you’re still struggling to understand any new industry, perhaps you’d like to sign up for a career counselling phone call with me. I have years of experience and I’m pretty sure I can help you.

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