Making A Career Change In 2017? Let the Holland Code Assessment Be Your Career Compass

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With 2017 just around the corner, it’s a good time to take stock of the progress made towards achieving your career goals. If you’re considering a career change next year to a different industry or different role, you might want to take a personality self-assessment using the Holland Code Assessment.

What is the Holland Code Assessment?

The Holland Code Assessment classifies careers into the following six types as expressed by the acronym RIASEC: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising and Conventional. Depending on which type you fall under, this information would be certainly useful to factor into your personal and professional development goals for next year.

Career Categorisation

Here’s a summary of the six types below:

Realistic types are “roll up the sleeves” people who prefer practical, hands-on, physical activities with tangible results. Realistic types enjoy working with objects, machines, tools, plants and animals. Suitable careers for Realistic types include Construction & Engineering, Nature & Conservation, Military Service, Plumbing and Bricklaying among others.

Investigative types enjoy analysing data and solving problems, often on their own. Such people enjoy learning for its own sake and tend to do very well in math and science, where the focus is on logical thinking. Suitable careers for Investigative types include Research & Development, High Tech, Higher Education, Health Sciences and Mathematics among others.

Artistic types have a flair for ideas, creativity and art. Artistic types love to use their imagination and express their feelings in their work. You’ll often find such people saying that their work is an extension of who they are. Suitable careers for Artistic types include Fashion, Design, Film & Music, Culture and Communications among others.

Social types are people who enjoy interacting with and helping others. People would often describe Social types as nurturing, inspiring and mentoring others. Suitable careers for Social types include Social Work, Education, Hospitality & Tourism, Healthcare and Mentoring among others.

Enterprising types are people who are motivated by adventure, risk and business. Such types are likely to lead others and are usually very good at persuading or influencing people. Suitable careers for Enterprising types include Business Administration, Sales & Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Public Policy and Fundraising among others.

Conventional types tend to be systematic and detail-oriented in how they approach work. Such people like to have structure and can usually be found in roles that have a need for accuracy. Suitable careers for Conventional types include Accounting, Project Management, Data Analysis, Law and Public Administration among others.
(Basic versions of the Holland Code Assessment can be found online for free)

The ever-changing world of work gives rise to new careers that cater to the unique combination of skills, experience and individual temperament found in each individual. Based on your Holland Code Assessment results, is your personality a good fit for your current job or do you need to make a change next year? Let us know how we can help.

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