Jobs That Will Soon Be Replaced by Artificial Intelligence


Job elimination by artificial intelligence is a real thing—whether it is good or bad is a bit of a different story. As you focus on gaining success in your industry, you may likely see automation in the workplace as a threat. However, when automation strikes, the jobs that are taken are generally jobs that are

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Floriculture Jobs: Career Options and Requirements


A career in the floral industry sounds equally tempting and rich as the objects they study themselves. While studying flowers can lead to a beautiful job surrounded by flowers, a career in the floral industry is uncertain. If you do study flowers and acquires a certain degree, what are your options? Where do you go

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10 Ways To Mess Up Your Salary Negotiation [Infographics]


I was so nervous when I collected my first car. It was the first time I will be driving without an instructor next to me. I don’t even dare to take the highway since that wasn’t covered during lessons. But I survived, albeit the same feeling came back the first time I drove into Malaysia.

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Best Jobs for Your Personality Type [Infographics]


Many job placement companies and career counseling centers will factor in a person’s Myers-Briggs personality type when finding them the perfect job. Find your type and find a job that fits your specific disposition. Source: ISTJ These types are good work horses, as they get things done. They see every detail of a plan

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