Job Hunting Tips From Hiring Managers


Couldn’t land a decent job? Read these interesting job hunting tips from hiring managers that you may not have heard yet before. We’ve conducted a survey amongst hiring managers in Singapore. Below, you’ll find the top tips they’ve shared on how to get that first interview. Keep It Level Headed “So many applicants think a

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Singapore Job Interview Tips


Want to ace that job interview in Singapore? Let me share with your these winning Singapore job interview tips that you need to keep in mind before that big day. 1. Prepare an elevator pitch Come to the interview prepared with a quick 30 seconds pitch about you. The pitch is a short summary of

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How To Ask For a Reference Letter


Reference letters are probably the last thing on a job seeker’s mind when putting together their application. However few realise the value of a well written reference letter from a former employer. A good reference letter vouches for your abilities from an objective standpoint, unlike your resume. But getting a reference letter is a tricky

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IT Resume Samples and Templates- Singapore Style


Yes, an IT Resume is different from conventional resumes. And yes, we have some IT resume samples that you can see. But first, a quick discussion Why IT Resumes are Different IT resumes slightly differ from resumes of other fields because the former needs to showcase both technical and managerial skills of the individual. To write a strong IT

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Should You Hire A Professional Resume Writer?


“Should I hire a professional resume writer?” This is one of the many questions a jobseeker asks when his job application isn’t going well, thinking that it might be because of his poor CV. I was once told that hiring a professional resume writing service is for the foolish; “Why would anyone want to hire

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