Top Reason Why Your Resume Doesn’t Stand Out

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If there is one critical piece of advice that we’d offer to our clients on how to write better CVs, it would be to understand the difference between writing for your job description and writing for your CV.

Understanding Job Description

A job description or advertisement lists down the key job duties and responsibilities that are required of the successful applicant to fulfil in that particular role. It is generic and it is up to you to communicate why you are the best person to fill that opening. In our regular reviews with our writers and mentors, we often find that clients tend to replicate in their CVs what would be a typical job description for their current role with a couple of key career highlights.

In our professional opinion, the content comes across as being “passive” to recruiters as it does not convey what you want to achieve at the end of the day – which is to communicate your value to your prospective employers!

Why Your Resume Doesn’t Stand Out

Consider this example of what David (not his real name), a bank officer at a leading local bank, wrote in his CV:

Before ResumeWriterSG:

  • Supports a team of 15 dealers and various RMs in trade execution and validation
  • Generate various reports for management such as trade turnover, operational report through designing spreadsheet and templates
  • Develop macros for automation of trade processing

After ResumeWriterSG:

  • Supports a team of 15 Dealers and Relationship Managers in risk hedging by providing trade support, frequent communications and risk exposure monitoring for over 20 counterparties
  • Designs and generates Excel-based trade turnover and operation reports in close consultation with Head of Middle Office so as to facilitate management decision-making
  • Devised Excel VBA macros for trade processing optimisation; efforts resulted in up to 30% reduction in Middle

Office costs due to removal of errors and streamlining of assigned teams which improved manpower allocation
Before working with us, David wrote in his CV his typical job duties or what could be said as “a day in the life of Bank Officer at ABC Bank”.

After speaking to David, we learnt that he had an important role to play in supporting his front-office colleagues and ensuring that bank trades were executed with zero mistakes. We went on to reflect this accordingly in his CV and also quantified the impact of his work to fully communicate his value to prospective employers.

David was very impressed by our work and even remarked that even he didn’t see the entry-level work he did as being “important” in that sense. Three months later, David secured a job with a top Swiss bank with larger bonuses and better employee benefits.

Our Professional Writers Can Help

As we’ve seen from this real-life example, understanding the difference between writing for your job description and writing for your CV can be critical. So if you’re making this same mistake as the majority of professionals, do let us know how we can help!

Our team of professional resume writers is happy to work with you on making a compelling case to your prospective employers on why they should hire you.

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