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Here’s a sample resume we recently produced for a receptionist in Singapore.




Tel.: +65 XXXX XXXX | Email:| Nationality: Singaporean


  • Hospitality executive with strong background in frontline receptionist and customer service. Held receptionist and concierge positions for top-rated hotels in Singapore, including Raffles Hotel and Ramada Singapore Hotel
  • Excellent communication skills; experienced at interacting with a diverse group of people and building strong customer relationships
  • Solid computer skills and proven ability to plan and organize tasks and responsibilities efficiently.
  • Strong track record in managing and resolving customer concerns effectively.

[This section gives a good helicopter view of the candidate. Quantifying the current role where possible also helps to give scale to the current responsibilities.]


Customer Service Hotel Operations
Organisational Skills Staff Training
VIP Management Strategic Problem Solving

[Ensure the keywords here mirror those used in the job ad. The first round of vetting is often done by a software scanner. This section helps to pad the CV with key receptionist-related phrases necessary to get past those scanners.]


FRONT DESK RECEPTIONIST                                                       Jan 2013 – Present
  • Perform full spectrum of duties assigned to front desk of 5-star hotel in Singapore, including checking in and out of guests, reservations, foreign exchange, and daily accounts closing [The opening line captures all the reader needs to know about the role.]
  • Handle telephone and front desk enqueries within a high-volume environment. Manage upset customers, solve problems quickly, and build clients’ trust to prevent loss of key accounts [This line demonstrates the candidate’s strong decision making and problem solving skills.]
  • Discuss and offer Raffles Exclusive Membership Program to new guests
  • Liaise with other departments in front office, housekeeping, F&B, and concierge to meet unique guest demands [This is where the communication and coordinations skills of the candidate is represented.]

Significant Highlights

  • Successfully established strong relationship with new hotel guests and increased membership base of Raffles Exclusive Membership Program by 20% month on month [Cite quantifiable metrics to support your achievements. Do, however, be aware of your company confidentiality clause.]
  • Consistently received commendations from new and existing clients for excellent performance and satisfactory customer service.
GUEST SERVICES ASSISTANT                                                 Mar 2009 – Dec 2012
  • Oversaw guest check-in, check-out, and reservation processes. Discuss summary of facilities available and occurrences of special events to potential customers [Simple, clear overview of the job you previously done. No need to go into deep detail about previous workscopes.]
  • Reported to and assisted Guest Services Manager in providing customer service to new guests and existing clients. Effectively managed concerns and communicated positions to resolve problems

INTERN                                                                                        Jun 2008 – Dec 2008


  • Diploma in Hotel Management, Singapore International Hotel and Tourism College (SHATEC), Singapore | 2008
  • Certificate in Hotel and Restaurant Operation, Singapore International Hotel and Tourism College (SHATEC), Singapore | 2006


  • Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Hospitality Management Systems  (HMS)
  • Languages: Fluent in English and Mandarin
  • Availability: 1 month’s notice

References available upon request
[There’s no need to list your references; if HR is interested in you they will ask you for them.]

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About the Receptionist Role

The receptionist is usually the very first person in the company that clients, suppliers, applicants and others who have business to transact with the company interact with. These interactions are either face-to-face or through phone. The receptionists’ role is very important because they are the face or representative of the company to others. The impression they leave, especially to the customers, can make a big difference in the ensuing business of these customers to the company.

Aside from managing the reception desk, the receptionist welcomes clients, answers, screens and directs calls to the right party, books meetings, and sorts and distributes posts, and arranges couriers.

Applying for a receptionist position should not be taken lightly. Companies go to great lengths to be able to hire efficient and personable receptionists who can add to their company’s customer service image. Your resume will be the first tool to convince prospective employers you have got what it takes to deserve the job.

What Hiring Managers Look for in Receptionist Resumes

  • Customer Service Orientation: A receptionist deals with both external and internal customers at work. Let the hiring personnel know you a thorough understanding of the concept of customer-supplier relationship by citing examples of past experiences that demonstrated quality service skills for both external and internal customers.
  • People Skills: This includes being cheerful, being pleasant even in conflict situations, and putting customers at ease. Even before your actual interview, you can already show the prospective employer your human relations skills by citing specific instances that made people appreciate your service.
  • Organizing Skills: A clear description of your roles and responsibilities, as a former receptionist, or other jobs you had, will give the hiring company a good idea of your organizing skills. Also list in your qualifications the computer programs and tools you have worked with. They are good indicators of your capability to be systematic at work.
  • Confidence: This is the ability to deal with people in all levels of the organization. It will help to mention in your job descriptions the types and levels of people you successfully did business with in the past.
  • Communication Skills: In an environment like Singapore’s where several languages are used, English proficiency will be valued by the employer. A GCSE in English will be interesting information for the prospective employer to know.

Additional Receptionist Resume Writing Tips

  • There are no special academic or technical requirements for receptionists. List all the courses and relevant trainings you have. They all add up to your qualifications.
  • If you have taken special courses (certificate or diploma) in Customer Service or Business Administration, highlight them. They will give you an edge over other applicants.
  • Citations for exemplary performance especially in the area of customer service will boost your resume, so do not fail to include them in your record.

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