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They say the coming of the new year is the best time to change and improve your life.

This includes setting a new direction for your career.

New year, new us, right? So, in 2020, revamp your resume to make it stronger and more professional. Stand out from the competition and grow your career!

So, in 2020, let us help you revamp your resume to make it stronger and more professional in order to stand out from the competition and grow your career.

We will show you the most effective resume format for 2020 and why you should use it to apply for a job.


Why Use Our Resume Format 2020?

A professionally-written resume can help you get ahead in your career. Not only will it catch the attention of hiring managers, it will also increase your interview call back rate.

While there are a lot or available resume formats you can choose from, proven resume formats and templates for 2020 will give you higher chances of getting noticed.

Our resume format for 2020 contains all the main sections advocated by Workforce Singapore, so you can never go wrong!


ResumeWriter’s Resume Format 2020


[Professional Title]


Tel No.: +65 XXXX XXXX | Email: | Nationality: Singaporean



– Executive Leadership
                                    – Skill 5
– Sales and Marketing
                                    – Skill 6
– Skill 3
                                    – Skill 7
– Skill 4
                                    – Skill 8


[JOB TITLE]                                                                                    2005 – present
[Company Name, Location]
  • Lead team of 10 executives to drive all aspects of sales and marketing for leading FMCG brand.
  • Prepare strategic business plan, monthly reports, setting of revenue targets, and business forecasts.
  • <More work descriptions here>

Significant Highlights

[JOB TITLE]                                                                                    2000 – 2005
[Company Name, Location]
  • <Insert work descriptions here>

Significant Highlights

  • <Insert achievements here>
[JOB TITLE]                                                                                    1992 – 2000
[Company Name, Location]
  • <Insert work descriptions here>

Significant Highlights

  • <Insert achievements here>


  • [Degree], [Course], [Institution] | YYYY-YYYY
  • [Degree], [Course], [Institution] | YYYY-YYYY


  • Technical Skills: MS Office Suite
  • Languages: English, Chinese
  • Availability: 1 months’ notice

References available upon request


Main Sections of Our Resume Format 2020

  • Name and Professional Title
  • Personal and Contact Information
  • Executive Summary
  • Technical Skills and/or Areas of Expertise
  • Work Experiences – divided into 2 parts: daily work duties and key achievements
  • Education and Professional Qualifications
  • Miscellaneous Information
  • References

Want a detailed, in-depth guide on how to write a CV? Check out our Ultimate CV Guide!


How To Use Our Resume Format 2020

Our resume format 2020 is based on a Microsoft Word format, and is used in all 11 of our downloadable modern resume template designs. Start by learning the basics of great CV writing, then use one of our resume templates as a base to craft your very own job-winning CV.

Once you’re done with your CV, send it to us for free CV feedback. Our experts will share feedback on how your CV fares, and suggest areas of improvement.

Additional Resume Writing Tips for 2020

  1. Keep your resume as short and as concise as possible. Leave out work descriptions that are already implied or obvious. As much as possible, your resume would not exceed 2 pages.
  2. Focus on your current and latest 2-3 work experiences. Earlier career history such as internships and part-time jobs should not take a lot of space on your resume.
  3. Include important and relevant keywords throughout your resume.  Most companies use resume scanning software to filter candidates’ resumes based from keywords and terminologies associated to the position.
  4. Make sure to showcase significant achievements such as successful projects managed, key accounts handled, as well as quantifiable metrics that can support your strengths.
  5. Attach a cover letter to your resume when applying for jobs to personalise your application and provide a “teaser” to hiring managers as to why you are best candidate for the position.


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