Resume Writing Tips For Beginners And Fresh Graduates

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Your resume is the first “test” you need to pass for employers to consider you in a job. When written well, this piece of document serves as your key to a door of many different opportunities.

In this competitive professional world, being remarkable is important. Establishing a good impression through your resume can lead you to interviews and, eventually, to your dream job.

If you are a beginner or a fresh graduate who do not have enough work experience to put in your resume, you might find writing it a struggle.

To help you bring yourself out there, here are effective resume writing tips that you need to consider.

Create a compelling summary

Hiring managers have only few seconds to look at each resume they receive because they get hundreds of applications weekly. Evidently, job seekers should be able to capture the attention of hiring managers through the executive summary.

Your executive summary will help hiring managers assess how fit and qualified you will be as part of the company. Fresh graduates do not often have work experiences, so it is best to highlight striking or exceptional activities in school and/or community you have been part of.

Look back at your education, seminars and other training undertaken. Write down your educational attainment, leadership experience (if any), and extra-curricular activities during your college years, along with measurable and impressive results you were responsible of.

Include skills and value-added information about yourself

When writing the details of your resume, keep in mind that your goal is to answer the question, “Why should we hire you?” Therefore, you need to highlight technical skills, awards, and leadership abilities to strengthen your profile.

Mention special skills like sketching, writing, editing, or designing. As a fresh graduate, special skills like these can give you a competitive edge among other applicants and may eventually help lead you to your first job.

Additionally, Include training or seminars you’ve attended so employers can see that you have been taught of the knowledge they could be looking for, such as sales management, branding and engagement, social media marketing, etc.

Finally, highlight special awards, recognition, as well as volunteer experiences you’ve had that may add impact to your overall profile.

Use a professional and readable resume format

When writing your resume, make sure that it looks professional.

It should be neat, readable, and not too lengthy, especially since you don’t have many work experiences yet to put in there. Rule of thumb is your resume should not exceed 2 pages the most. This is so hiring managers can easily scan and evaluate your profile.

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Establish a competitive advantage

Having a well-written resume can help you create a winning advantage over other candidates of the same level. If you know how to properly present yourself, your skills, and your capabilities, you can easily capture the attention of hiring managers and get interview call backs in no time.

As a beginner, resume writing can be overwhelming, but the end line will always be worth it. Always remember that resume writing aims to express and not to impress.

Your resume is your ticket towards the next big thing in your life. Do it right.

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