Q&A: Should I Send a Cover Letter When Applying for Jobs in Singapore?

Many jobseekers still get confused whether or not they are required to send a cover letter when applying for jobs in Singapore. On this post, we will answer the question: “Should I send a cover letter along with my resume when applying for jobs?”

To give you a brief and quick answer, sending a cover letter is optional – unless required by the employer or the hiring manager.

This means that it’s okay not to write a cover letter and just simply send your resume when applying for jobs in Singapore. It’s totally up to you!

However, we strongly recommend that you do… all the time!

What Is a Cover Letter and Why is It Important?

A cover letter, sometimes called an application letter, is a letter usually addressed to the hiring manager or any HR executive in charge of hiring and recruitment. It is written in prose format and includes a short introduction about the candidate, a summary of his work experiences, and significant accomplishments to support why he is an ideal candidate for the job.

While a cover letter is not obligatory for all job applications, sending one can somehow give you a competitive edge because it gives you a chance to tell a little more about yourself on a personal level that is not readily available on your resume.

Additionally, you can be more creative with the cover letter, as opposed to the resume which follows a strict and professional format.

How To Write A Cover Letter – Format and Samples

To help you get started in writing a cover letter, check out this guide that we have previously published. We showed a before and after cover letter samples to help you differentiate an attractive letter from one that won’t get noticed.

For actual samples we’ve produced that got our clients new jobs, click here.

Our Strong Recommendation

Again, let’s go back to your question: “Should I send a cover letter when applying for jobs in Singapore?”

In our opinion, yes. You do need to write a great cover letter and send it along your resume.

Here’s a little secret: When the competition is tight and all candidates have equal competencies as reflected on their resumes, your cover letter can give you’re the winning advantage.

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