Singapore Job Interview Tips


Want to ace that job interview in Singapore? Let me share with your these winning Singapore job interview tips that you need to keep in mind before that big day.

1. Prepare an elevator pitch

Come to the interview prepared with a quick 30 seconds pitch about you. The pitch is a short summary of your career history and background. Do also include some fun details for example, the age of your children. It’s always good to start off an interview on a fun positive note.

2. Introduce yourself to the interview panel

Most interviewees are nervous when entering a job interview. It can be intimidating sitting across a table from 3 or more people dissecting your career and education. Try to diffuse the anxiety by giving the interviewers a good firm handshake upon entering the room. Also, try asking what their names and titles are in the company. It will reflect well upon your people skills.

3. Be well versed in your CV

It’s crucial that you understand every line in your resume. Be prepared to go into detail regarding any projects you worked on or achievements you’ve had.

4. Prepare for the “standard” questions

Here are some of the standard questions commonly asked during job interviews

Recite one life experience where you had to exercise leadership
Tell us the hardest thing you’ve ever had to do
Name one accomplishment you’re most proud of
Name your 3 biggest strengths and your 3 biggest weaknesses

5. Ask about the company

The Singapore job interview is a 2-way process. It is important you feel the company is a good fit for you as well. Feel free to ask questions about the exact work scope of the job you’re applying for. Try to avoid asking sensitive questions such as “What were the company’s profit margins last year?”. Asking general questions about your job scope also reflects well on you and shows your eagerness for the role.

6. Follow up with a thank you email

Once the interview is over, make the effort to email the panel a thank you note. Feel free to include any additional information which you were not able to cover during the interview. Do however, keep it brief. Sign off graciously thanking the panel for their time in interviewing you.

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