Skill Sets You Need To Learn By Age 35

I’m a career coach, and when it comes to evaluating a person’s skill sets, I’d say I’m an expert on that.

I help people maximise happiness and success in the biggest part of their lives – their work! (we spend more than half our waking hours at work)

My time as a coach has allowed me to study people from all fields – and hence distill the skills that are increasingly common amongst successful people.

Here’s my version of skill sets that you need to learn by age 35 — or as as quickly as possible — in order to lead an amazing life.


1. Learn to sell yourself

Being able to sell yourself to others is a vital skill in any area of Life. In the working business you have to sell yourself to clients and potential employers. You have to sell your ideas, your products, your entire self to be able to make it big.

But once you do learn how to sell yourself you will get every job you qualify for. You will be able to convince others to hire you, go out with you and to accept your ideas. Selling yourself is absolutely vital if you want to live a truly amazing Life.

If you want to learn how to sell better, I recommend the book “Sell or Be Sold” by Grant Cardone.


2. Be confident

Confidence is not only a characteristic, it is also a skill. Which means it is something you can develop and attain. Confidence is so crucial, we all know that. In interactions with others, presenting yourself, even in being happy and fulfilled in life, confidence always plays a role.

Being more confident can be trained. You have to spend time on it now. Invest in yourself, train yourself, learn more about yourself and become the most confident person around. Confidence attracts people from all areas of your life and opens more doors for you than you ever thought you had.


3. Invest in yourself

Spend time and money on courses, read books relevant to your field. Stop spending your evenings watching Game of Thrones.

Most modern executives do not spend any time improving themselves. If you can spend even 5 hours a week doing so, in 1 year you’ll be light years ahead of your peers. And trust me, your bosses will notice. Soon, you’ll be rising through the ranks faster than everyone else.


4. Be self-aware

A captain cannot effectively steer his ship if he doesn’t know the capabilities of his boat. Similarly, you cannot effectively maximise your potential if you don’t know yourself.

Self-awareness is really difficult. I struggle with it daily. But that doesn’t mean that we should give up on it.

Constantly ask for feedback from colleagues, friends, mentors, family and especially your partner – no one knows you better.


5. Always be positive

Hands down the number one skill you need to learn: How to be positive day by day. This doesn’t mean you have to be positive. It just means you learn the ability to be positive, happy and excited whenever you choose to do so.

When we are negative we only see the bad in the world. We see all the problems, miss all the opportunities and we even run the risk of becoming depressed and ending our own lives.

On the other hand, when you learn to be positive the world seems a lot brighter. Everything is interesting, nothing can be bring you truly down, you will never give up on what you want, you stand up for yourself and your beliefs, you minimize the problems or even handle them right away, you laugh, smile and feel amazing.

The best way to develop this skill is to practice it on a daily basis. Be happy just because you can. Fake it until you make it, smile for no reason, get up and dance, jump around, or copy the things that kids do: Play games outside and goof around! Everything helps.

There’s so much to love and appreciate in this world, and it’s not too late to learn these skill sets in order to make the world around you better, greater, and healthier.

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