Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

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For many years, I was envious of my friend, Adrian.

Adrian and I both started our career as headhunters. But many years ago, he leaped and started his own headhunting firm.

That was the best decision he ever made.

Over the next few years, his firm became very successful. Today, Adrian draws a high 5 digit salary, owns a BMW X5 and is by my measure, successful.

I felt jealous. I didn’t think that Adrian was smarter than me. Why then was he earning 3 times my salary?

Every time Adrian and I hung out; I’d feel a pang of regret. I too wish I had made the leap of faith when I was younger, to start my own firm. I too wanted to be successful.

I’ve recently realised that my line of thinking was very toxic.

Comparing yourself to others is a foolish thing.

I’m sure Adrian has had so many difficult times while running his business. I know for a fact that he’s had many sleepless nights when he couldn’t meet payroll.

On 2 occasions, due to a market slowdown, he considered closing his firm down. I cannot imagine the stress he went through during those times.

When I’m feeling jealous of Adrian, I don’t think of any of that. I only see the shiny BMWs on the outside.

Here’s the truth. If I’m not willing to swap my life 100% with Adrian, I shouldn’t feel jealous.

Because everything comes at a price. If you run a big successful firm, you’re constantly having to stress about growth, else the new hot competitor will take your place.

Adrian often jokes he works 996. That means 9am to 9pm, 6 days a week.

I on the other hand, only work 955!

Wanting to drive that same BMW as Adrian, and yet, work much less hard, without much stress, is an unrealistic dream.

This is why it’s so important to be honest with ourselves.

Everyone can be successful. But are you willing to pay the price?

If not, don’t feel jealous. Enjoy the life you have today.

As the Buddha says – “Desire is suffering”

Be happy, my friends!

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