The Importance of Challenging Yourself

I love success and I love working hard.

I’ve never seen anyone attain success without hard work. Yes, every now and then you need to work smart, but you still need the hard work to execute the “smart” plan.

So imagine my frustration when I hear of young graduates asking me what jobs pay well but are “slack”.

We tend to massively underestimate the compounding returns of intelligence.

As humans, we need to solve big problems.

If you graduate from a top University at 22/24 and Big Corporation X recruits you, you’ll work a 9-to-5.

Actually, it’s probably more like an 11-to-3 in terms of hard work.

Yes, they’ll pay well. It’s relaxing. But what they are actually doing is paying you to work in a box, and accept a much lower intellectual growth rate.

When you recognize that intelligence is compounding, the cost of missing that long-term compounding is enormous.

They’re not giving you the best opportunity of your life.

Then a scary thing can happen…

You might realize one day that you’ve lost your competitive edge.

You won’t be the best anymore.

You won’t be able to fall in love with new stuff. Things are too comfortable where you are.

You get complacent and stall.

And then before you know it, the industry changes, you’re unemployed, with grim reemployment prospects. Gone are your days of youthful potential.

So, please don’t aim for the slack job. Challenge yourself.

You’ll have a much more rewarding career that way.

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