The Importance of Goal Setting

Before you start any task, do you ask yourself what the goal is?

A few days ago, I was speaking to a prospective client. He was planning on moving away from his current role in the civil service, into the private sector.

The problem: he didn’t know what job he wanted to do next. He just wanted to get out of the civil service.

He was really eager to move fast and wanted to buy a CV package from us that same evening.

I told him not to. It would have been a waste of time and money.

Because you see, a CV is only effective if it’s tailored to a specific role.

If you order a CV from us, and don’t know exactly what role you want next, we can’t emphasise the right skills in your CV. It’ll be a generic document that appeals to no one.

It’s like paddling a boat really hard, but not adjusting the rudder to point to where you want to go. You just end up going in circles, as people effortlessly sail past you.

And then you ask yourself why you’re not getting results despite working so hard.

When there’s a clear target, our team can produce a clinical CV that gets the interview!

It’s all about setting goals.

You must be self-aware about what you want next. Only then can you organise a strategy to achieve those goals.

As for that confused civil servant, I told him to call us again when he knew what job he wanted next.

To score, there must be a clear goal.

If you have a clear goal and need help to re-do your CV, email me. We can schedule a time to speak for 10 min. Let’s see if our services are right for you.

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