The Link Between Success and Hard Work

How do successful people get there?

I’ve been in the recruitment business for a decade (both as a headhunter and as as a consultant here at ResumeWriter.SG). Over the years, I’ve seen top performers from every industry out there.

The most brutal industry, in terms of hours of toil, has to be investment banking. So how do these investment bankers find the willpower to work so hard and then succeed?

Well, most of the people I interviewed, from investment banking, had very strong discipline. These were people who got into the top schools, graduated top of the class, perfect certificates, etc.

My father used to say it doesn’t matter what you do in life, but do it well.

In investment banking, everyone was working their ass off. Everyone showed up everyday to do their best work possible. They didn’t know any different. They’d been working super hard since their earliest days. Whether it was acing their ‘O’ Levels, or getting on to the university Dean’s List.

They always had this monster ability to work hard.

Every career is more grunt work early on than cool work. If you want to succeed you need to master boring.

Nobody is born a banker, surgeon, lawyer, athlete, violinist or painter, but they became one by doing the hard and “boring” work. Build your skills.

Success isn’t overnight. It’s years of hard work. Day in, day out.

I know it’s tough, but keep working hard. You’ll soon see the generous fruits of your labour.

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