The Ultimate Key to Success


Clients often ask me what the ultimate key to success is. If you, too, want to know, read on.

I’ve hired many top executives into very senior positions at various international companies. I’ve personally interviewed many successful people.

What’s the ultimate key to their success?

It’s really all about hard work.

There’s no running away from it. I don’t know of a single successful people who didn’t work very hard.

There’s an old adage that says “Work smart, not work hard”

Well to that I ask, how do you get smart?

You need to work hard at reading and expanding your knowledge.

Working hard towards success

One of the smartest guys I ever met was this NTU graduate who was a portfolio manager at a very large institutional investor.

I believe he was their youngest ever portfolio manager.

The guy looked like he was out of a movie. Really fit, good looking, very polished and he left work at 7pm everyday. That was earlier than most of his peers yet his performance was through the roof.

I asked him what his secret was.

He told me he’s read 50 books a year for the past 5 years.

He often chooses to stay home to read over having beers with his friends. If he’s not at home reading, he’s out keeping fit because keeping fit helps him increase his energy levels and maintain a high productivity.

That level of dedication takes an immense level of hard work. But of course, we don’t see that. All we see is this super young portfolio manager going home at 7pm everyday.

Trust me, there’s no running away from it.

Let me say it again. Hard work is the ultimate key to success.

It’s easy to say we want to be successful. It’s hard to actually work hard at achieving that dream.

Let your CV say it for you

We’ve got plenty of great content on how to write a CV on our blog.

It’ll take some hard work to go through it, but a good CV will make a huge difference to the number of interviews you get.

Talk to us. We’ll be happy to help you.

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