7 Ways To Hit The Ground Running On A Monday


Waking up at 6am on a Monday is probably on the list of the world’s top ten complaints about life, or at least I think it should be. I personally think that if anyone gets up happy on a Monday, they should be given an award, simply because it would take me at least ten minutes to coax my body out of my bed, and that’s on a good day.

Therefore, over the years, in order to have more of such good days, I have practised a few tricks to help me get going on a Monday morning; to become productive, energised and just generally happier! Here are seven ways you can brighten up your Monday mood:

1) Have A Hearty Breakfast

For me, nothing gets me going in the morning like a good cup of coffee and a sumptuous breakfast. So splurge a little on your Monday morning and make sure you get the right food into your system.

A recommended breakfast should have a mixture of low GI food and protein. Low GI foods take longer to digest and are therefore likely to keep you full till lunch, while protein helps you to wake up by optimizing your brain’s ability to send messages to the rest of your body.

Once your stomach is satisfied, you are more likely to feel good about the rest of the day.

2) Organise Your Schedule

While some of us may dread updating our work calendars, it is still the best way to ensure that we are not getting overwhelmed by work. Taking a few minutes to plan your day will help you stay on track throughout the day and keep you going, even though your body craves for the luxurious comfort of your bed.

Instead of setting aside a list of tasks to achieve by the end of the day, dedicate a specific period of time to each task. This will make it less intimidating and also more structured, which means you are less likely to succumb to the evil of procrastination.

3) Make Someone’s Day

One way to chase away your Monday blues is surprisingly, to chase someone else’s blues away! You could strike up a conversation with your colleague and ask about their weekend. Give them a compliment or make them a hot drink while you are at it. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, especially after they had to crawl to work on a Monday morning.

If you baked some delicious cupcakes or bought some new office tidbits, share them with your team and get an informal update on their work plans for the week. This will help everyone warm up before work officially begins and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

4) Keep The Buzz Going

Make a list of exciting things to do every week. Try to balance it out by including work-related tasks as well as personal treats. For example, this week you might be meeting a client for a lunch appointment, next week you could be visiting the new bakery near your office for a midday snack.

If you enjoy working out, set aside a new fitness target for yourself and track your progress every Monday. As you improve each week, the weekly dose of exercise will improve your health and also give you an ego boost that will trickle down to other aspects of your life, making you feel more confident and competent at work.

5) Review Yourself

Sometimes after working in a job, we get tired of the people, the job, and the routine. If you find yourself having to drag yourself to work every morning, then it is time to check yourself. It could be the very nature of your job, or it could be the boss or colleagues you are working with, or it could even be the way that you work. Identifying what is getting us down will help us decide on the right solution, may it be switching jobs, having an upfront chat with your unpleasant colleague, or changing your working style.

A good tip is not to overload your schedule on a Monday! Popular wisdom may encourage us to do the bulk of the work on Monday so that we can relax throughout the rest of the week, however this is akin to sprinting the first ten kilometres of a marathon; you are likely to dread the start of Monday and feel too defeated by the end of it to survive the rest of the week.

6) Enjoy A Proper Weekend

Many of us have the habit of bringing back work takeaways from the office. Even if we do not lug files and documents home, we often still carry emotional baggage in our minds. As the saying goes,”leave your emotions at the door”. Respect your time outside of the office as much as you do when you are working hard. Keep your work laptop in the office and resist the urge to check your email ever so often.

On the other hand, do not laze around at home every weekend either! We often feel that we need to sleep in on the weekend, but then end up feeling guilty on Monday for not spending our time productively. Be wild and plan a variety of fun activities instead! Enjoy brunch with your family, spend a day in town or go out for drinks on Sunday night. Getting a satisfying weekend will help us to refresh, reenergize and feel ready to take on the next week of work.

7) Smile

It is understandable to feel grumpy on Monday after getting used to waking up late during the weekend. But instead of a sulk, put on a smile instead and bring out the optimism within you!

Even if the outlook looks gloomy, it certainly would not get any better by feeling miserable about it. Be excited about the goals of the week and channel your energy into what will bring you closer to them, rather than harping on the seemingly insurmountable workload ahead. If you can’t think of anything, keep calm and look forward to the upcoming weekend.

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