Why You Shouldn’t Hire A CV Consultant


Why You Shouldn’t Hire A CV Consultant

I spent the last five years of my career as a CV consultant, and I’ve been successful in helping my clients land great jobs.

These days, as I’m in management, I hardly write CVs anymore. However, my LinkedIn inbox still gets bombarded with offers from clients who want to hire me.

Despite having a great track record, and amazing reviews from clients, I’m telling you that you shouldn’t hire me, or any consultant for that matter, to help you with your career.


Because a CV consultant isn’t going to give you the results you’re looking for. Sure, CV consultants can help clearly narrate your career history which will get you more interviews (more on that later), but chances are you’re not ready for that.

Here’s why you shouldn’t hire a CV consultant:

CV Consultants can’t work miracles

A lot of jobseekers hire CV consultants because they’re looking for a miracle quick fix. Pardon the bitter truth, but no CV writer can make you get a 100% call back rate for job applications.

You see, CV consultants are “consultants” for a reason: they specialise in 1 thing and 1 thing only. In this case, CV consultants help you in clearly presenting your career history in a document. But if you have a poor career history, with little achievements and multiple job hopping stints, no amount of CV polishing is going to make you employable.

What you need instead is to figure out how to build a great career on your own. That’s really hard. If it were easy, all executives would be successful, earning 20’000 SGD/month.

You can’t build a skyscraper without laying the foundation

Creating a great career is like building a beautiful skyscraper. If you tried to build a 60-storey building without a solid foundation, you’d create an unstable structure that will collapse with the slightest gust of wind.

The same applies for your career. Without a clear value proposition, a strong skill set, your career is bound to be limited. To prevent that, you need to figure out what your best skills are and double down on improving them, making yourself an expert in your profession.

Don’t worry though; your skill set doesn’t have to be unique. It just has to be really good. Take salesmen for example. There are so many talented salesmen in the Singapore market today. And yet, the best of them are always able to get employed by top MNCs that pay top dollar for their talents.

Once you’ve got a clear skill set that maximises your innate talents, getting interviews from CV submissions will be easy. But that only works if you already have the skills.

"I had an amazing experience with ResumeWriter.SG! Very professional, quick to understand how I feel, and put them in words, even when I couldn't express it myself. My writer was fast, dependable, paid attention to detail and was extremely skillful in bringing out the best in me. I received a call back on the 2nd day and 3 more interviews in the weeks that followed. It is with high confidence that I recommend this team to write your resume!!"

Maggie Loh

Financial Analyst

When to hire consultants

You only bring in CV consultants when you know exactly what is the result you’re looking for. Don’t bring them in to fix your entire career. (read this if you’re lost in your career)

Why? Because CV consultants are specialists, which means they aren’t good at doing everything.

Take for example one client of mine, an IT Hardware sales director. He came to us wanting to revamp his CV to emphasise his IT software capabilities. He wanted a shift into software sales and was extremely knowledgeable. The only issue was that his CV didn’t express this. We helped him craft a CV that positioned his CV as a tenacious salesman with a great sales record. We also sold that fact that his existing IT clients who would be interested to buy software as well, giving the hiring company access to an amazing list of future customers. It took us a few back and forth CV drafts, but we made it work. Our client is now getting interviews in the Software sales industry (but no job offers yet, I’m still working with him to fix this!)


If you’re looking for a boost in your career, and you know exactly where you’re going, you can consider hiring a CV consultant. But if you’re looking for a miracle worker to solve all your career woes, a CV consultant won’t be able to do much for you.

When you do talk to CV consultants, be cautious as most are just doing it for a quick sale. The reason we’ve done well is that we only take on customers whom we knew we could help. Sadly, not all CV consultants follow that rule.

Do you think you should hire a CV consultant?

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