We’ll rewrite all your job search documents

(CV, Cover Letter, Linkedin)

740 SGD

30 day money-back guarantee

Self-serve resources

  • Collection of CV examples (eBook)
  • LinkedIn optimisation guide (eBook)
  • Common interview questions (eBook)
  • Salary negotiation tips (eBook)
  • How to job hunt effectively (Video)

Your personal CV consultant who will

  • 60 mins 1-on-1 career history interview
  • Bespoke full CV rewrite (ATS compliant)
  • Craft a personalised cover letter
  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Your job placement team will do

  • 30 min 1-on-1 career coaching call
  • 30 days of job search support (via email)

Client Testimonials

Success stories like these are what we live for

  • “After all the work was completed, I have seen an increase in number of recruiters reaching out to me on LinkedIn, about 1-2 per week. The company also thinks about enabling their clients and do not stop at helping with resumes/linkedin profiles/cover letters but are conscious about giving clients tips and advice on how to maintain or improve their professional profiles.”


    MJ Lim

    APJ Sales Manager AMAZON AWS
  • “Great experience! My writer crafted an amazing resume that highlighted my key skills, experiences and competencies, and the turnaround time was superb! I received calls from Headhunters and potential employers, and a MNC HR found my updated LinkedIn profile and offered me a VP role (direct promotion). THANK YOU!”


    Ethan Cheng

    VP, Compliance Risk Management MUFG
  • Landed 5 interviews in the past month with my new CV, despite COVID! My writer knew what HR/Recruiters are looking for, and their Best Practices. She reflected the best of my work experience in my CV, and alleviated any concerns I had. Highly recommend – 5 stars for sure!!”


    Jonny Lee

    Performance Director BALDWIN BOYLE GROUP


  • 1

    Post-Order Questionnaire

    Once you place your order, you’ll receive an automated email requesting:

    1. Your Current CV
    2. Sample Job Ads You’re Targeting

    Once you send us your documents, we’ll assign a writer and schedule a call
  • 2

    Phone Interview With CV Writer

    Our meticulously designed interview process doesn’t just touch the surface; it aims to understand the core of your professional journey.

    By investing this time upfront in getting to know you, we ensure your CV doesn’t just look good—it feels right for you and resonates with employers.

    The phone interview typically lasts for 1 hour. We will cover 2 parts

    – Assess Your Current CV
    – Assess Your Target Job Ads
    – Advise If Targets Jobs Are Within Reach
    – Provide Career Strategy Advice

    – Deep Dive Into Your Work History
    – Identify Your Career Achievements
    – Propose A Narrative For Your CV
    – Tailor CV Towards Target Job Ads

    *These phone interviews are compulsory with no exceptions. It’s a key part of what enables us to produce high quality CVs. If required, these calls can be scheduled outside office hours.
  • 3

    Rewritten CV & Optional Edits

    Within 3 working days of the phone interview, you’ll receive your new CV.

    If you need any edits to your CV, simply email your writer. We allow unlimited CV edits for 10 working days. (We reply to all emails within 1 working day)

    Most clients finalise their CV by the 3rd draft.

    Once finalised, we’ll send you the completed Resume in Microsoft Word format (.doc).
  • 4

    LinkedIn Optimisation & Cover Letter

    Once you’re done with your CV, we’ll move on to your LinkedIn Profile and Cover Letter

    Rise above the crowd with a polished LinkedIn presence. Our team will craft a professional narrative, optimise your profile headline, summary, and experience sections, and align them with the latest industry trends. Position yourself at the forefront of prospective employers. Make a statement and let your digital first impression shine!

    Don’t just blend in, stand out. We’ll craft a compelling and personalised cover letter, tailored to your strengths and the role you’re targeting. With your new cover letter, your first impression will be unforgettable. Step into the interview with confidence!

    Although these elements might appear ancillary to your core CV, they fulfill a pivotal role in enriching your professional narrative and empowering you to distinguish yourself in a competitive landscape.

  • 5

    1-on-1 Career Coaching Call

    Once you’re done with your job documents, you’ll have a 30 minute video session with our career coach:

    Finding your dream job shouldn’t take hours. With our expert guidance on Boolean Searching, you’ll be able to identify your ideal roles in just 3 minutes per week. Say goodbye to long hours on job boards and embrace a focused, efficient search.

    Instead of waiting for recruiters to find you, why not get ahead? Receive a tailored list of industry-specific headhunters, complete with their emails and LinkedIn URLs. The gatekeepers to your next role are just a click away!

    With direct contact details of hiring managers at your target companies, you gain a huge edge over other applicants. Networking for your next job and building meaningful connections have never been this easy.

    Don’t let your outreach emails and LinkedIn messages get buried. Use our proven templates designed to grab attention and boost your response rates when connecting with recruiters and hiring managers.

    Your career coach will equip you with a tailored list of interview questions, specifically designed for your role and industry. Walk into your next interview with the confidence that you’re prepared for anything.

    Any uncertainties or concerns about your job hunt? Our seasoned career coach is here to guide, support, and provide clarity. You’re not alone in this journey; we’re here every step of the way.

    Your ultimate goal is to land a new job. We’re here to help you at every step of the journey – from CV to final interview.

  • 6

    Self Serve Resources

    In parallel to the above process, we’ll also be sending you detailed guides, eBooks and video courses to assist you in the full lifecycle of the job search.

    This includes:

    – Collection of CV examples (eBook)
    – LinkedIn optimisation guide (eBook)
    – Common interview questions (eBook)
    – Salary negotiation tips (eBook)
    – How to job hunt effectively (Video)

  • 7

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    We are so confident in our ability to blow you away with our service that we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

    If you’re not happy with either:

    1. The quality of your new CV
    2. The quality of your new cover letter
    3. The quality of your new LinkedIn profile

    Just email us and we’ll process a full refund.

    As of 31st October 2023, our refund rate for this year is under 1%

Frequently Asked Questions

Your job search documents (CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn) will usually be ready within 14 days of placing your order.

Take note, we are limited by how quickly you can get back to us. If you have delays in scheduling a call with us or replying our emails, this process may take longer.

You’ll receive a short email requesting your current resume documents, and answers to a few basic background questions. One of our Resume Writing Consultants, specialised in your field, will then email you to schedule a phone interview. If you’re overseas, we’ll make an international call to a number of your choosing.

Yes you can. Simply top up the difference in payment amount.

However, please be informed that our Job Placement service is subject to availability as well as a suitability assessment.

A career consultant specialised in your field will be assigned to your case. Your career consultant will have a deep understanding of your industry, and will be able to identify key strengths to highlight and job search strategies to follow.

We allow unlimited revisions for up to 10 working days. During this period you can email your Career Consultant as many times as you need, and discuss any edits and updates you feel necessary. The unlimited resume revisions period starts on the day you receive your 1st Draft.

The Finalised Resume will be delivered in Microsoft Word format, and you will be able to edit it yourself for future use. All of our CV templates are ATS (Applicant Tracking Solution) optimised to get past automated CV scanners and screeners.

The Package includes:

– 1-hour phone interview and consultation with your career consultant
– Rewritten CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile
– Unlimited email interaction with them, as well as unlimited revisions and drafts for up to 10 working days (via email). The unlimited resume revisions period starts on the day you receive your 1st Draft.

Absolutely! You can purchase additional phone calls with your writer. These additional calls are chargeable on a per call basis. Please email your writer to get the payment link.

Some job advertisements require the candidate to submit a Cover Letter . For job ads that don’t require one, you can typically still submit an optional Cover Letter. We strongly recommend submitting a Cover Letter whenever possible, as they give your application a ‘voice’ and help you stand out from the crowd.

If our team have previously written your CV, you are eligible for our discounted CV Update package. As you’ve already written your CV with us, we can do a short session to update the CV with your latest roles.

Email our team to get the discounted payment link. (

Absolutely. We’ve had hundreds of clients come to us looking for a new resume to aid in a career switch. To best prepare yourself for such a move, we recommend purchasing a career coaching session together with your CV writing order. Your career coach will outline a strategy to best highlight your key skills and experience, and help you make the transition to your new career.

100%. All data is strictly confidential, and we have strict internal controls on document access.

When you add a LinkedIn Update to your Resume Package, your Specialist Resume Writer will refresh your LinkedIn Profile to ensure that it showcases your strengths and abilities, and is highly visible to recruiters in your target role. They’ll craft your career story, and target your profile’s content to match the most-used keywords in your industry, putting your profile at the top of LinkedIn search results.

Of course! We’re very proud of our work. Click Here to see some of the resumes we’ve written.

Not a problem. Simply order the CV writing package that matches your years’ of experience and we’ll write a winning resume from scratch, just for you.

No. We pride ourselves on charging our customers fairly and consistently. Everyone gets the same fair deal.

Yes! Our CV Packages make for thoughtful gifts, that can have a real impact on someone’s career, and life! To buy a package as a gift, simply email us at

We do not have any fine prints or hidden terms and conditions.

If you’re not happy with:
– The quality of your CV
– The quality of your Cover Letter
– The quality of your LinkedIn Update

Just email us and we’ll process a 100% refund.

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