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You CAN skip the resume “black hole of doom”. Discover the powerful resume secrets that helped secure job offers at Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey and 100+ other companies:

+      Even If you don’t have a lot of experience

+      Even if you have holes in your resume

     Even if you’re trying to switch industries

+      Even If you think you don’t have any accomplishments worth mentioning

“You’ve changed my life. I was out of a job for 6 months and only after using your crafted resume, I started to get interviews again. Now I’m working at my dream company, Microsoft!”

Jun Ren H

“I’m grateful for Russel and his team for helping to educate me on the Singapore job market. He helped to craft my resume to fit the local style. As a result, I managed to get the benefits I needed for my whole family at a major Singapore corporation.”

Jonathan H

“I would like to thank Russel for the CV. He really made my work history shine and with his resume I managed to get a 5,000 SGD pay rise from my previous job.”

Royston C

Why I Spent 1000+ Hours Figuring Out

How To Craft The Best Resume

Today, I want to share with you exactly how I turned my clients’ initial, terrible resume into an interview magnet. I’ve been on both sides of the hiring table — as a candidate and as a hiring manager.

And here’s something most hiring managers won’t tell you:

You get 10 seconds.

All your work…all your skills…all your talents and personality…all your years of effort…they all earn you 10 seconds of a hiring manager’s time when they look at your resume.

For most of us, our cover letter and resume are the first and only things about us a hiring manager sees. You might be amazing, but these two pieces of paper represent EVERYTHING a company knows about you.
If they’re not amazing, too…forget about it.

Like it or not, that’s a LOT of pressure riding on a single piece of paper.

Take 5 seconds to think your dream job…the company you’d give anything to work at.

Now Imagine the CEO agreed to look at your resume.

There’s just one catch: You only get 10 seconds of his time.

Now, be completely honest with yourself: Would your resume stand out? Would it be memorable? Would your resume get you the job of your dreams?

Hi, my name is Russel Yee. I have several years of experience in the HR industry as a Headhunter at Apex Recruiters before I started ResumeWriter.

I have spent a 1000+ hours looking at job seekers’ resumes as a result, I have learnt what works and what doesn’t down to the finest nitty gritty details of the resume.

We all know the feeling of sending our resumes to a company… excited to tell them why we’re perfect for the job…then waiting, and waiting-and never hearing back. Then doing it over, and over, and over.
Wondering if they even got the resume. Waking up early and clicking “refresh” in our inbox…then sighing.

Ugh. I have seen this happened to jobseekers more times than I can count.

Early on, I wasn’t very good at crafting resumes but as I saw more and more of them while at Apex, I learnt what to do and what not to do. This plus a ton of reading and consulting more senior Headhunters has resulted in a treasure trove of knowledge on crafting the perfect resume and cover letter.

ResumeWriter wasn’t immediately successful despite my knowledge. It took time to learn how to appropriately adapt what I learnt from when I was a Headhunter and apply it clients’ resumes. Eventually, I stopped getting complaints and started receiving testimonials about how clients had landed top jobs at firms such as Goldman Sachs and Mckinsey.

A world-class resume can open up a lot of doors.

What hiring managers won’t tell you…

For most of us, our resume is

our one shot at a dream job!

It makes sense why we get so nervous writing our resumes!

That’s why we edit them over and over until they don’t even sound like us! (Be honest: Is your resume full of horrible “corporate-speak”? Mine was the first time I wrote it.)

That’s why we get frantic when we don’t get a response from the first resume we submit.

But what can we do about it?

I’ll tell you what most people do. They send out another resume. Then another one. Soon, they’ve sent our resume to 25 companies… and we haven’t even gotten a response! I call this the “Black Hole of Doom”. What could be more depressing?

Pretty soon, we start to doubt ourselves.

+        “What do I have to show for the last 3 years of work?”

+       “Do I have enough experience to even be considered for this job?”

      “Why would I stand out?”

I have some bad news. One of our biggest worries — that your resume looks like EVERY OTHER resume out there — is real. After all, if yours was impressive enough, wouldn’t it be opening doors already?

This is where some people finally just give in.
“Ugh. I’ll just take what I have and send It in,” we say. “It is what it Is.”

It feels like the game is stacked against us. The companies have all the power — they don’t even reply! — and they can choose who lands the dream jobs…or any job…and who has to wake up to yet another day of the same grind.

How are we supposed to create resumes and cover letters that can open the door to dream jobs when no one teaches us how to do it?
Google “resume tips” and you get a never-ending list of worthless reminders like “don’t forget to spell-check” or “grab their attention.”

Isn’t there a better way?

The “Resume Secrets” I Learned

When I was talking to clients about how they were trying to improve their resume. I heard they wasted time worrying about font size, margins and even, here’s the most ridiculous one, the type of PAPER. In all my time as a Headhunter, I had never even bothered to look at such things when choosing applicants to select.

The worst part is they said they got this so called ‘expert advice’ through Google searches. This led to me realise that most of the “expert advice” about resumes is misleading. That’s my nice way of saying HORRIBLE. Actually, it drives me crazy! Half of these experts have never helped anyone land a top-tier job…so how can they tell you what works and what doesn’t?

They don’t even know how the game is played!

I want to teach you the hard-won resume lessons I learned in headhunting and after my 6 years at ResumeWriter where I was surrounded by recruiters and helped clients apply for top companies (and usually got job offers). These resume secrets are kept under tight controls by in the headhunting community. Until now.

How are those lessons different than the normal resume advice you’re used to?

“I have been out of the workforce for quite sometime to take care of my newborn son. Russel and his team helped to suss out achievements from my previous work stints. I felt much more confident in applying for jobs with my updated resume. A+ for Resume Writer.”

– Komal C

When I helped clients secure job offers at Goldman Sachs and Mckinsey, and more… I learned exactly how the game is played — and what it takes to reach companies at all levels.

You might be surprised to learn how little most typical advice matters. I’ve seen resumes with ugly fonts. messed-up margins, and cheap paper.
But they still got the job.


Because they had something almost no resumes have: A NARRATIVE.

A narrative is a story, a thread that ties together all the elements of your resume together. When you get 10 seconds, it’s critical to have a powerful story that leaps off the page. I can show you exactly how to do this through my free resume review that will be tailored towards improving YOUR resume to land YOUR dream job.

This is what most resume “experts” completely miss.

When you know how to craft a powerful narrative, you can actually BEAT OUT PEOPLE WITH 5 YEARS’ MORE EXPERIENCE THAN YOU! I know. Because I have helped clients do just that for jobs that were high in demand at consultancies like Mckinsey.

But don’t take my word for it.

Put yourself in the hiring manager’s shoes…

When they look at your resume, what do they know about you? In 10 seconds?

Try it right now. Pull out your resume. Pretend you didn’t know this person. Skim it for 10 seconds.

What do you remember? What’s memorable? Do you come across as remarkable?

If not, don’t worry. I can help you change your resume from ordinary to remarkable.

And when you do, you’ll be amazed at the results:

+      Your resume/cover letter will almost automatically – rise to the top

+      When you walk into the interview, they’ll already feel like they know you

+      You set yourself up for success because if they already know and like you…which means interviewing is easier, and negotiating is easier

I’m going to show you exactly how to turn your resume into an extraordinary “ticket” to an interview.

“I had been unhappy at my job for quite some time and was looking for a change but didn’t get any calls for interviews. Russel helped to find key accomplishments from my previous jobs and presented them in a manner that really improved my CV.”

– Irene W

Let’s start right now…

5 Mind-Boggling Mistakes We KEEP MAKING

With Our Resumes

We all “know” we should write a better resume…yet we keep submitting the same stuff that makes us look like everyone else!

No more. Here are 5 critical mistakes my clients kept making and when I helped them fix these, they started landing interview after interview.


We think our resume has to include everything from our history. WRONG! Your resume is not a chronological list of facts. In fact, if you did something that doesn’t  support your narrative, leave it out! Companies want to see focus, not a random list of jobs that make aren’t coherent.


We all hate BS resume-sounding language…yet we all keep doing it! Look at these actual phrases from real resumes:

“A creative and strategic thinker with excellent written and verbal communication skills.”

“Delivered results under tight deadlines and last minute time constraints.”

These are actual phrases…that mean nothing! For some reason, whenever we create resumes, we lapse into stilted writing that sounds nothing like us. Even though we know  it…we still do it. We’re so insecure about our past accomplishments, we think “dressing it up” in fancy words will hide what we did (or didn’t) do. But there’s a much better way to represent what you’ve done… honestly, and with words that actually impress the hiring manager.



It’s no wonder that we spend a huge amount of time worrying about these things. That’s what experts tell us to focus on! How many times have you read “Resume Writing Advice” that spends 90% of the article talking about how important it is to keep your resume to 1 page? As if THAT is going to get you the job.
Worrying about these pointless tactical issues is a waste of time. After all, even if you have a technically perfect resume – perfect fonts, margins, and paper – that’s no guarantee of the job. (There IS a better way.)



What’s the more memorable of the two?

1: “I’m passionate about design.”

2: “For example. I’ve read 20 books on graphic design, listen to Accidental Creative daily, and had coffee with 5 artists and designers last week, one of whom taught me about X.”

 What about these?

1. “I’m well-versed in social media.”

2. “For example, I use over 8 social media platforms regularly, including YouTube, Twitter and my own professional blog which gets over 5,000 visitors per day.”

Show, don’t tell. One of the biggest mistakes we make…over and over. I almost guarantee your resume is guilty of this. Take a look at your resume and cover letter right now. Am I right?



This is the biggest one of all! Why would anyone want to read your current resume? Is it interesting? Does it speak to the exact challenges the hiring manager has? Does it use the EXACT language the hiring manager uses?

If not, you’re just another entry in the pile.

I see this all the time when people apply to my jobs, saying “I’ll work for free!” They’re confused when I turn them down. That’s because they never took the time to understand that I don’t care about free…I value other things more than money.

Remember, you only have 10 seconds. If you haven’t deeply thought about what the HR person/hiring manager wants, it’s over. If you only get one tiny window to make a connection, what’s the best way to do it?

The Actual Resume that was Used

to Land a Job at Google

My client used this resume to get land a job at Google (personal information has been changed to protect their identity).

Yes, my 1000+ hours of expertise went into tweaking this resume to make it work.

The resume is using one of our custom built in-house templates that have been tried and tested to work with recruiters.

I’d like to give you a copy of this actual resume so you can use it in your job search.

But more importantly, I’d like to give free advice tailored to your resume to make it work as well as this one did for the job you want. (Keep reading to find out how to get it.)

By the way, the resume secrets I learned don’t just work for job seekers with good prior experience or education. I’ve tested it with thousands of people. Here are some examples:

“Despite my lack of working experience, Russel managed to make my resume look fantastic! My job search with the new resume was so much easier especially with his career advice as well.

– Philip C

“Used your interviewing and resume tactics for the first time on Jan. 19 and got offer a job on Jan. 24. This happened after 3 1/2 months of job searching and I got a position that quickly after using the tactics you teach only once. My new position is an $8,000.00 increase over my last with great benefits.”

– Rebecca W

And now, I want to share my free resume review option to help you get your dream job.

The ResumeWriter Free Resume Review

 AKA Your First Step To Your Dream Job

This free resume review (non-obligatory) will provide you with a good overview of specific parts of your resume that you can improve on and how to avoid key resume pitfalls that I’ve seen many jobseekers make. All you need to do is fill up the contact form below to take the first step towards your dream job.

See what other people just like you said about the review:

“My resume on Monster had been up for a couple of years with about 40 views total. Then I opted for your free resume review… I felt that you gave some really good points and decided to sign up for a package. Using your resume that your writers produced, I started getting calls from recruiters. The next week, I had four potential job offers.”

– David J

“I learned more in that one review about improving my resume and approach than anywhere else in my life.”

– William T

Make One Decision Today — Just 1

You can keep sending your current, clunky resume out to company after company. Some may respond. Most won’t. You can keep beating your head against the wall, wondering why they don’t call back. You can blame the economy…or the government…or our parents’ generation.

Or you can take action to learn the insights that secured my clients job offers at Goldman Sachs and Mckinsey.

It’s fascinating to me.

When faced with poor responses to their resumes, some people…

+      Decide to send out 50 more copies (as if that’s going to help)

+      urn around and blame the economy (ironic, since top performers are still getting job offers)

+      Decide they need “more experience” (thereby delaying their job search for another 2 years)

All of these instead of getting actual professional help which you can get in a few hours by filling up the contact form below!

Free CV Feedback

Let’s have a chat—fill out the form to the below, and I’ll get in touch with you to have a short discussion about your CV for the Singapore job market. We’ll talk about your career goals, point out ways to improve your resume, and discuss any resume writing services you may need. The consultation is free and completely non-obligatory.


Russel Yee

Ex-HeadHunter &CV Expert

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