We get our clients more job interviews

Adrian Tan

Ex-MD of 2 Recruitment Firms & HR Entrepreneur of the Year 2013

We get our clients more job interviews

With over a decade of experience as a headhunter, I know exactly what it takes to get noticed by hiring managers.

Are you applying for multiple job openings only to hear nothing back? It's likely due to your CV not highlighting your talents. My team and I can help you. Since 2009, we've helped thousands of candidates get more interviews and land their dream jobs.

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“I chanced upon you on Google while I was in a slump. I had been out of a job for 6 months despite tirelessly searching for a new one. Your team helped me realise big mistakes I was making in my CV and worked with me to improve my application as a whole. With my new application and new-found confidence, I sent in my CV to Deloitte and other firms and for the first time in months, I received multiple calls from recruiters. Really appreciate all the help provided on my application.”

Philip Johnson

Senior Consultant

"3 things really impressed me: Firstly, the level of detail your team took in digging into my profile. Everything was uncovered from my earliest internships. Secondly, your industry knowledge. I was surprised you knew so much about my industry. I’m guessing you’ve probably worked with some other people in my company, hence the familiarity. Lastly, the strategy we outlined together. Very contrarian but it worked wonders. It’s going to be my default strategy for all future job searches. You’re a rockstar."

Nigel Lee

Product Manager

“Approaching Adrian was the best decision I’ve ever made for my career. I was really impressed with the free resume review he provided me and decided to pursue his full services. I was looking to get into a big finance firm but it was quite tough because I only had experience in smaller firms. Adrian found a way to make my achievements at these firms shine and within days of applying to a few large firms, I got callbacks. Thank you Adrian!”

Rachel Lin

Finance Manager
Get Free CV Feedback From Adrian

Are you interested in increasing your interview calls?

Perhaps it's time you considered hiring an expert resume writer.

Adrian Tan

Adrian Tan previously founded and led 2 recruitment firms in Singapore. Since 2015, he’s been a career coach, helping clients from all over the world get their dream job in Singapore. Adrian and his team have been featured in several major publications including:

Here is why:

My name is Adrian Tan, and as a former headhunter, I know exactly what recruiters are looking for. For over a decade, I’ve worked with clients of all levels in pretty much every role and read thousands of Singapore resumes, getting them interview call ups at firms such as Goldman Sachs, McKinsey Consulting and Google.

Don’t be mistaken though – I can’t work miracles. The job hunting process has many parts to it including the interview and the tactics you use in job searching.

For this reason, in addition to ResumeWriter.SG’s bespoke CV writing and editing service, all clients who sign up with us also also get access to our insider jobhunting guides including:

  • World Class Interview Coaching Techniques
  • How To Discover Your Dream Job
  • Guide On Getting Jobs From Your Personal Network
  • How To Bypass HR And Get Straight To The Final Interview
  • Actual Email Scripts to Send To Headhunters (Which Will Get You A Response)
Get Free CV Feedback From Adrian


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