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January 05, 2021

Over 50+ resume samples developed by our experts for various industries and job functions in Singapore. Scroll down to explore and download.

You’ve downloaded our resume templates and read our resume writing guide.

Now, it’s time for you to write your best resume (or you can let us do it for you)!

Write an outstanding resume by following our 50+ resume examples below. They are arranged according to industries – just click yours!

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    Resume Samples Sorted By Industry

    In each resume sample, we go into great detail on the resume format, section by section, on what recruiters are looking for and key pitfalls to avoid. You may also read our ultimate guide on How To Write A Resume to understand our resume sample format completely 🙂

    P.S. We also have great Cover Letter samples for you.

    Student & Fresh Grad Resume Samples

    Are you a student or fresh graduate beginning your first foray into the workforce?

    Worried about having little work experience? Unsure about which transferable skills to include?

    Kickstart your career by following our student and fresh graduates resume samples – designed just for youths like yourselves who are about to start an awesome career!

    Marketing Resume Samples

    You’re great at selling products and services. But can you market yourself? Check out our marketing resume samples and see how you can sell your skills to potential employers.

    Sales & Advertising Resume Samples

    As a salesperson, you have the gift of the gab. You know how to hook your prospect in. Capture recruiters’ attentions with a stellar sales resume that pitches just how incredible you are!

    Banking & Finance Resume Samples

    You are your biggest asset. Don’t let a poorly-written resume affect future returns in your career.

    Reduce this risk by following our resume examples for Banking & Finance, and let your value shine!

    HR, Admin, & Operations Resume Samples

    People are at the heart of your career – you bring people together so organisations run smoothly.

    Let your own personality sparkle in your resume!

    Accounting & Audit Resume Samples

    Structure and guidelines shape your career. Review the standards of effective resume writing with our resume examples below.

    Engineering Resume Samples

    Effective resume writing is both art and science. Use these samples as foundation to design your own structured resume.

    Education Resume Samples

    You’ve shaped hundreds of hearts and minds. Now let us pay it forward with some inspiring resume samples that are worthy of an A+ grade.

    Hospitality Resume Samples

    Let these resume samples elevate your resume from an okay 4 stars to a glamorous 5!

    Each resume sample and template contains all the main sections as advocated by Workforce Singapore. For our 2021 resume format, click here.

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