50+ Resume Samples | Downloadable Resume & CV Samples (2023)

March 4, 2023
Over 50+ resume samples developed by our experts for various industries and job functions in Singapore. Scroll down to explore and download.

Scroll down for our 50+ Resume samples & CV templates. Written by Singaporean recruiters. In MS Word format.

Also, download our ATS-friendly resume templates and read our ultimate guide to writing great CVs!

Lastly, if you want our ex-recruiters to overhaul your resume for roles in SG, contact us for CV writing assistance!!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about our Resume Samples

As a company that has drafted thousands of resumes over the years, we recommend that you have the following sections as part of your resume: An Executive Summary, A List of Your Key Skills and Areas of Expertise, Work Experience and Achievements at Work, Technical Skills, Notice Period and Languages. You can also include Personal Projects, Volunteer Experiences, Conferences and Publications.

One of the key things that employers look for when scanning your resume is your achievements and accomplishments. This is why it’s good to include numbers and dates, as it enables them to pinpoint your successes quickly and easily.

Our Resume Writing Consultants recommend a 2 or 3 page resume for mid-career and senior-career jobseekers. A 1-2 page resume may be fine if you’re early on in your career, though.

We have a whole guide on the best resume formats, but if you’re in a rush then we recommend that you opt for a reverse chronological or functional resume format.

Absolutely! Check out our list of 10+ Resume Templates here. They are ATS-optimized, modern and designed in line with our signature ResumeWriter format. When you’re done writing your CV with our templates, don’t forget to send your CV to us for a Free CV Feedback session with our team of HR Experts!

Years of Experience Salary Comparison
Less than two years (intern or fresh graduates) Starting salary
2 – 5 years +32% more than professionals with less than two years of experience
5 – 10 years +36% more than professionals with 2 – 5 years of experience
10 – 15 years +21% more than professionals with 5 – 10 years of experience
15 – 20 years +14% more than professionals with 10 – 15years of experience
+20 years +9% more than professionals with 15 – 20 of experience
Age Group 2022 Median Monthly Salary 2021 Median Monthly Salary
15-19 S$1,683  S$1,170
20-24  S$2,952  S$2,691
25-29  S$4,446  S$4,095
30-34  S$5,792  S$5,222
35-39  S$6,852  S$6,102
40-44 S$6,852  S$6,825
46-49  S$6,581  S$5,958
50-54  S$5,850  S$5,070
55-59  S$4,323  S$3,729
60 & Over  S$2,621  S$2,543


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