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Here’s a sample resume we recently produced for a digital marketer in Singapore.

Danielle Oglevy

Digital Marketing Expert (PPC)


Tel.: +65 XXXX XXXX | Email: | Nationality: Singaporean


  • Award winning PPC Digital Marketer with over 6 years experience leading regional campaigns for Airbnb and Lazada
  • Currently leading team of 4 with annual SEM budget in excess of 12 million SGD across 6 countries in Asia
  • Exceeded all marketing targets for 6 straight quarters whilst holding customer acquisition costs (CAC) below annual customer value (ACV)
  • Deep passion for data. Undergraduate degree in Statistics. Well versed in MySQL, Tableau and Periscope Data
  • Budding writer. Recently self-published crime mystery novel set in the year 2145 (Kindle Publishing)

[This section gives a good helicopter view of the candidate. Quantifying the current role helps to give scale to the current responsibilities. The last bullet point is a fun one designed to give the candidate a bit of personality. It’ll also be a unique way to remember the applicant. Interviewer will probably label her as the “Published Writer”]


UI / UX Design Thinking
A/B Testing SEA Consumer Behaviour
Customer Journey Tracking & Analysis Metrics Tracking & Measurement

[Ensure the keywords here mirror those used in the job ad. The first round of vetting is often done by a software scanner. This section helps to pad the CV with key digital marketing phrases necessary to get past those scanners.]


REGIONAL MARKETING MANAGER (PPC)                                        Jul 2016 – Present
  • Lead team of 4 executives overseeing 12 million SGD annual PPC budget across 6 SE-Asian Countries; conceptualise and execute paid campaigns to drive rental of Airbnb properties. [This is the perfect opening line as it speaks about size of team, budget, and clearly states the focus of responsibility. In 1 line, the reader knows exactly the role Danielle has done.]
  • Formulate winning strategies to maximise competitive advantage in large variety of room inventory; liaise closely with product & advertising teams to accurately segment customer verticals, decipher needs, and create compelling marketing campaigns. [Toss in a bit of digital marketing jargon to show you’re in the know.]
  • Conduct macro analysis to identify key untapped opportunities across new markets in APAC; and analyse barriers to entry including competition keyword analysis and changing market trends. Produce internal reports for team sharing observed changing trends in consumer click behaviour. [The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. Strategies become obsolete every 24 months. Show the hiring manager you’re constantly moving ahead of the landscape.]

Significant Highlights

  • Identified opportunity to target keywords of street names as opposed to city names resulting in 84% lower CPC whilst increasing rental conversion rates by 255%. New strategy was documented in internal white paper and shared with Airbnb PPC teams worldwide.
  • Worked closely with development team in Airbnb HQ (California) to create new tool for automatically rolling out campaigns regionally. Responsible for documenting workflows and specifying tool features. Led product specification and UAT. New tool enables team to push out 7x more campaigns daily with no loss in granular campaign control or quality. [Projects are always good to mention as it show’s you can work with cross functional teams. Furthermore, a big part of Digital Marketing is creating more efficient ways to get work done through automation.]
  • Received award for Best Regional Marketing Employee and Best New Project for above contributions respectively. [Don’t be shy to share your awards. You’ve earned them.]
SENIOR MARKETING EXECUTIVE (PPC)                                         Jan 2014 – Jun 2016
  • Drove PPC marketing (SG + MY) for Lazada’s consumer electronics products (4’000+ SKUs) with monthly budget in excess of 300’000 SGD. [As this is an earlier workscope which was very similar to the current workscope, there’s no need to expand it in detail. Focus more on the achievements.]

Significant Highlights

  • Rolled out 12 new PPC strategies resulting in 33% lift in clicks and 81% rise in PPC attributed revenue with no increases in budget. [This achievement is very short but the data speaks for itself. A massively successful set of campaigns.]
  • Worked with SG development teams to create new tool to auto generate display ads based on remarketing pixels for over 4’000 product pages. Populated individual display ad pictures and ad copy from pre-set sentences. New remarketing tool took 12 man days to implement and brought in over 4 million SGD in additional revenue within 60 days. [Again, the data speaks volumes.]


  • Degree in Statistics (2nd Upper), National University of Singapore, 2012
  • A’Levels, Raffles Junior College, 2008


  • Technical Skills: MS Office Suite, MySQL, Tableau, Periscope Data
  • Languages: English, Chinese
  • Availability: 2 months’ notice

References available upon request
[There’s no need to list your references; if HR is interested in you they will ask you for them.]

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About the Digital Marketing Role

The most exciting and fast growing vertical within the marketing industry is Digital Marketing. It’s my favourite type of marketing role as it’s a lethal mix of creativity and data. And because everything can be so easily measured, there exists a strong feedback loop for how effective marketing campaigns are. No guesswork here!

Because of the complex nature of the role, crafting a digital marketing CV is rather unique.

What Hiring Managers Look Out For in Digital Marketing Resumes:

  • Strong analytical skills. Show you’re driven by data, the life blood of digital marketers
  • Deep Familiarity With Tools. Are you well versed in all the latest A/B testing tools and methodologies? Digital Marketing is evolving faster than any other marketing niche. Show that you’re on top of these changes.
  • Creative Copywriting. It’s not just about data. Convince the reader you’re a skilled wordsmith that’s capable of distilling key product unique selling points. And crafting memorable bite sized bits of product slogans for consumers to remember. Channel your inner David Ogilvy!

Additional Digital Marketing Resume Writing Tips

  • As digital marketing is a data driven role, ensure your CV has plenty of metrics to quantify your contributions.
  • Speak about projects you’ve done to add efficiency to the team. A large part of digital marketing is speed. If you can make your teams roll out campaigns faster, you’ll be a tremendous asset to the organisation.

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