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I hired ResumeWriter.SG to revamp my CV, cover letter and also LinkedIn. Rachel, a senior resume writer, was assigned to my job and I can only confirm what others have written about her - she's good!

The process is very guided and takes about two weeks to complete. You start off by providing the hard facts about your CV, which is then followed by an hour-long interview. Rachel really took the time to fully understand the different job descriptions throughout my career and also gave advise on structure and best practices.

Since a CV these days needs to stand the scrutiny of recruitment softwares and humans, they need to be written in a certain way and Rachel pointed this out throughout the call. A few days later and you receive the first draft of your re-written CV. I was pretty much happy with about 95% of the first draft, the rest was amended with a super quick turnaround. Also note that Rachel challenges your feedback, which I appreciate. Just because you feel something could be better, doesn't mean it would be better. The final call obviously lies with you.

About a week after I hired ResumeWriter.SG, my CV had its overhaul. What follows is the edit of your LinkedIn with some super handy tipps, a massive list of recruiter contacts, e-mail templates and general advise on recruitment. Once this is done, Rachel moved on to write pretty much the best cover letter I ever saw. I feel the cover letter was actually the best part of the whole service package.

My re-written cover letter is now easy to digest, engaging and really packs a lot of info.

To note is that all info is based on your actual CV, the tonality of the cover letter is also influenced by you, as Rachel gets a sense for tonality during the interview call and leaves intentionally marked blanks in the cover letter for you to fill in. I feel this is extremely important, as I would never want an "off the rack" application pack.

I haven't really used my re-written CV and cover letter yet, as I was more interested in having something ready when I need it in future. But as someone who hires staff myself, I would be very happy to receive something as good as what Rachel produced.
Kai Vallendar
Head Of Marketing & MD APAC
Biomo Pharma GmbH
I've used a few other resume writing services to unsatisfactory results prior to ResumeWriter. I must say the process and outcome with them were a step above the rest, right from the free CV analysis through to the final product.

1) During the CV analysis prior to engaging their services, Dianne was insightful in her feedback, and was very detailed in her recommendations on how to improve the presentation of my profile. She was also transparent on the expertise that they were bringing, and where they required more hands-on collaboration in shaping the narrative.

2) Dianne was also very careful in selecting the right resume writer whose experience best fit my profile. The search for a suitable writer actually ended up taking over a week, and she offered to refund my payment if I was unable to wait. That impressed me as it clearly showed their integrity and refusal to compromise on the quality of their work.

3) Katherine, my resume writer, was incredibly patient, experienced and flexible in accommodating my many questions and requests. The first interview call with her was useful in establishing my objective with the job search, and my professional experience. From there, the writing process was very collaborative - she would craft and iterate the main narrative and flesh out a sharp writeup, and I would adjust the accuracy of industry-specific terms/details and provide further context on my experience to tighten the writeup.

4) The difference vs the other (cheaper) services that I've used was the bespoke experience and the quality of the writer. The drafts did not feel like they came out of a cookie-cutter template, and Katherine was quick to understand and adjust precisely to my feedback without wasting time going back and forth on the same comments, or me having to eventually do the writeup myself anyway. As a full-time working professional with limited time to spend on this, that was highly valuable.

The outcome for me were not only the quality writeups, but also a clearer understanding of my strengths/weaknesses which allowed me to better showcase my background in interviews as well (I did end up landing the role I was targeting).

All in all, a worthwhile experience and will look forward to engaging them again in the future.
Chee Meng Ng
Commercial Advisor
I pride myself on being a good writer, and was initially hesitant about engaging the services of a resume writer. However, I was struggling with crafting my resume to properly reflect my unique proposition as a talented candidate. So, I Googled, chanced upon ResumeWriter.SG and submitted my existing resume for its complimentary resume feedback service. Within the same day, I received feedback on my resume and was impressed by how spot-on it was. In the end, I paid for a whole make over, of not only my resume but my LinkedIn profile and for two cover letters.

Do I hear you asking why? One reason, or in my case, one person - Yvonne Du, my assigned resume writer. I felt comfortable with Yvonne from the start even though all interaction was through the phone. She came across as someone whom I could trust - she was competent, had integrity and had my best interests at heart and cared about me as a person. My trust in Yvonne was not misplaced. The resume and cover letters she wrote for me were professional and excellent, and most importantly, managed to convey my identity, personality and values. In fact, I did not require her to make any revisions and approved her first and only drafts immediately, and in a matter of days, my updated LinkedIn profile has gotten more views.

I also appreciate the fact that ResumeWriter.SG provided me with many useful resources and guides, from contacts of head-hunters / recruiters to interview tips.

All-in-all, I recommend ResumeWriter.SG to anyone who wants an impactful and compelling resume. Paying for a resume writer, specifically one from ResumeWriter.SG is a small investment in your career!
Irene Sim
Head, Tenant Network Development
FairPrice Group
Very effective resume writing service with results fast, I was very impressed! I bought their mid career package and Russel and Harry (the CEO) were very quick and responsive towards me.

They answered all my questions regarding career switch very promptly and to the point . Special thanks to Dianne, who is also constantly giving me guidance and she was so kind to jump on a 30mins phone call to clarify many tough qns I had regarding how HR work behind the scene which give me strategic insights on how I shd craft my resume effectively. She was very polite and very experienced as a previous HR executive.

I was later assign to David Whitaker (one of their best writers) to craft and re-organize my resume for greater effectiveness and success towards my job search. David was super impressive, in short he gave me a 45mins call to find out every detail about my previous career experience, identify out my greatest selling points towards the role I said I will be applying and re-organize my resume to sell those relevant skills while shortening my resume by 2 pages without sacrificing on it's content.

I used the new resume crafted by David to apply for better public sector and better civil service jobs and within 4 days I was call up by on of the top civil service agency for an interview saying I was shortlisted. This is amazing as I never had such a result previously and spend months applying in vain.

I strongly vouch for the team at resumewriter, they are real and proven professionals in their craft. Ask for David Whitaker, he is super skilled!
Jean Tan
Associate Director
5* is an understatement for the value you're getting with ResumeWriter.SG. Rest assured, that whatever you're paying for is going to be well worth every cent.

From the day I sent my old resume over, to now having received my final resume along with a cover letter and an uplifted LinkedIn page; I can safely say the entire journey was extremely straightforward and uncomplicated - it was exceedingly pleasant as well. Not only that, I've learned a lot from my CV writer during the process as well.

I had the privilege of being attached to Rachel as my CV writer. Working with her made the entire experience worry-free, as I knew from our initial call how enthusiastic she was to help a recent grad like me polish up my wreck of a resume.

What leaves me with the greatest joy was this: for the longest time I've never been able to find the right words to describe myself and the work I've done in my resume. Rachel however, managed to sift through my thoughts and helped me organize them into a concise, yet engaging resume; she managed to upsell me in ways I couldn't initially imagine.

Looking at the work Rachel has done for me, leaves a smile on my face every time. The work she's done for me has made me more confident in applying for the roles I've been eyeing for a while now, for that she has my greatest heartfelt gratitude.

It has been an honour to have been attached to you, Rachel. Thank you once again for all the help that you've done for me."
Phikanes Thayagarajan
Associate Researcher
Procter & Gamble
I have been working with Any from ResumeWriterSG for the past few weeks on my CV, LinkedIn Profile and Cover Letter.

I can't emphasise enough how great it was to be working with Amy. The amount of work that she put into the updates was phenomenal and it was totally worth the investment.

From just one call, Amy was able to construct a fantastic new CV for me, in a way that I would never have been able to do myself. I only had to have a couple of editing and revision sessions with her to get the CV to a point that I was extremely happy with.

I have been using the CV from the moment she sent it to me and I am already seeing an increase in the number of responses I am receiving from job applications.

Having had the Cover Letter and LinkedIn profile updates done as well has made it much easier and faster for me to apply for roles and I am convinced that this will give me definite edge over other potential candidates in landing interviews.

Not only has Amy updated my LinkedIn profile, but she has used it to connect me with relevant recruiters and join specific groups. All of the things that I would not have thought of myself.

I am extremely happy with ResumeWriter and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to change jobs, find jobs or just be able to present a much more professional and polished version of themselves to the world.

Thank you so much Amy!
Tom Bebbington
Tom Bebbington | Maritime Consulting
Senior writer Katherine was assigned to me, and I throughly enjoyed the process working with her to develop a resume that best showcased my experience and skillsets.

The pricing and process by ResumeWriters was clear and concise, although it may take a week before the process starts due to high demand. I would recommend ResumeWriters to anyone, whether you are planning to look for a new job or need a refreshed resume/CV.

It is important, however, to have a basic understanding of what type of job/ role you are looking for, then RW will be able to effectively craft and position your CV as such. It is important to communicate all your thoughts in the first phone interview. Katherine would ask specific questions to understand my situation better, then she is able able to accurately assess how best to develop the CV to suit my requirements.

When the first draft came in, I was alittle surprised at how different it looked to my “old” resume, but I trusted the process, Katherine’s professionalism and took time to communicate what i felt needed to be change or improve ect. She was patient in replying my emails and revising the CV until I felt satisfied.

To be frank, the final product given by RW will not be 100% perfect and exactly what you want for every job scenario, but i’ll say 90%, it is on yourself to then personally customise the remaining 10% to suit your individuality, as well as the job role you’re applying for.
Lance Tan
Staff Engineer / Senior Specialist II
"I had found out about ResumeWriter’s through google and I had my doubts about the results as I have a special need, that I am moving to Australia and I needed the CV to be done according to norm and style over there.

After talking to Harry about my situation he assured me that he has the right writer for my situation. Within days after the registration, my assigned writer Mak contacted me. From there, things were breezing through at a very fast phase. The things I had been banging the wall to create or to start with was done and completed is beyond my expectations and belief.

I had the pleasure of working with Mak. She took the time to understand my professional experience and skills in creating a resume of high quality. I was very pleased with the attention to detail and patience that Mak demonstrated during the revision process. All queries were promptly responded to in extensive details. After she comes up with my draft CV I felt like finally my career life and my CV match. It says exactly what I do and in a very professional way.

She then created a LinkedIn profile for me from scratch and put me up to speed on how to manage the LinkedIn account and how you can use it for your advantage to find the right job for you.

Will be using ResumeWriter for all future CV revisions! Thank you, Mak, Harry, and team!
Antony Tomy
Facilities & Utilities Engineer
Having come across Resumewriter through the internet, I initially used their free CV review service to check out how my own work was doing.

Upon submitting my CV, Russel emailed back with such a detailed and personal response that with that advice alone, I managed to improve my work. However, after many hours of writing and re-writing, I decided that perhaps a professional could not only save me time but do a much better job than I ever could.

Russel and his team at Resumewriter went above and beyond the call of duty. The writer assigned to me was incredibly on-point and quick with his work. He managed to summarise my experiences and skills into a CV that I could be proud to send.

Thereafter, I was still feeling rather insecure about it and sent a quick email to Russel as they offered to have a quick phone call as part of their after-sales service. However, Russel was away on business at the moment but their CEO himself, Harry stepped up and took the call with me. It blew my mind that their CEO would take the time to give me advice himself on my CV and even on the job that I was aiming for.

In short, you will not regret working with Russel, Harry and their team here at Resumewriter. I can vouch for them personally that they will go above and beyond to make sure they do you right. Cannot recommend them enough!
Joel Immanuel Tan
Inside Sales