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January 05, 2021

Over 20+ cover letter samples developed by our experts for various industries and job functions in Singapore. Scroll down to explore and download.

Jobseekers like yourself have landed roles at leading companies like Dymon, AirBnB and Facebook with the help of our cover letters.

Now, we want to help you even more – we’re expanding our list of cover letter examples for almost every industry in the country.

Our cover letter samples are written by our team of former recruiters and headhunters, designed for jobseekers like you to land the role of your dreams.

Are you ready to review these recruiter-written cover letters, and land your next dream role?

If you are, read on!

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    Cover Letter Samples Sorted By Industry

    In each Cover Letter sample, we go into great detail on our Cover Letter format, section by section, on how to write a Cover Letter tailored for each industry and role, and the key pitfalls to avoid when crafting your Cover Letter.

    We also share strategies to reach out to recruiters using your Cover Letter. Check out our guide on How to Write a Cover Letter to understand our Cover Letter format completely.

    You can also steal some inspiration from our top Cover Letter examples. These are Cover Letters that have successfully landed interviews for our clients at renowned companies like Airbnb, Facebook, IKEA, and more 🙂

    Fresh Graduate Cover Letter Sample

    Are you a student or fresh graduate beginning your first foray into the workforce?

    Worried about having little work experience? Not sure how to write a cover letter that conveys your value to the hiring manager?

    Let our fresh graduate cover letter sample inspire you – we’ve written this just for youths like yourselves who are about to start an awesome career!

    Alas, we understand it’s a really difficult time for fresh graduates in this current job market. Scoring full-time roles out of school can be challenging. Be sure to tap on government job search resources and schemes, such as the SGUnited Traineeship Programme, which you can benefit from.

    Do also check out our Resume Sample for Fresh Graduates – you’ll really stand out when a cover letter is followed by a well-written CV.

    Business & Management Cover Letter Sample

    Consultant Cover Letter Sample

    Download our complete set of 20+ Cover Letter Samples, just by clicking the button below!

    In each Cover Letter sample and template, we break down the key details that must included in each section of your Cover Letter, so you’ll understand how to best position yourself in a competitive market.

    But, as we’ve shared in our Ultimate Cover Letter Guide, job hunting is a two-piece puzzle – a good Cover Letter won’t take you far if you have a poor CV.

    Learn our tricks to writing a standout resume, and check out our free Resume samples for various industries and professions.

    All the best with your job search!

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