IT Project Manager Resume: A Winning CV in 6 Simple Steps


Project Management is hard. Trying to align all tasks and milestones, be as cost and time effective as possible…

…it’s not easy!

Great Project Managers manage it though, time and time again!

However, trying to explain the complexities of amazing project management, and fit it all in a 2-3 page CV?

That can be a real struggle!

Thankfully, we’re here to help!

Here’s a great IT Project Manager CV sample, and 6 easy resume tips that can help you get there too:



Tel.: +65 XXXX XXXX | Email: | Nationality: Singaporean


  • Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Scrum Master (CSM) with over 8 years’ experience in Project Management, IT Solutions Management, and Business & Systems Integration across APAC
  • Adept in all aspects of project lifecycle management, from planning, requirements gathering and analysis, to driving process change, rollout and troubleshooting. Highly knowledgeable across a variety of sectors, including finance, manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics and government
  • Strong leader, capable of directing teams of up to 25, overseeing projects valued at USD$20M, and with a proven ability to deliver projects within tight time and budget constraints
  • Achievements include:
    • Delivered application deployment project for Developmental Bank of Singapore (DBS) with savings of USD$1.8M under budget, by identifying opportunity to renegotiate supplier contracts and leverage third-party consolidation options
    • Increased productivity by 25%, without the need for additional staff of equipment, by streamlining processes during systems consolidation project for SingTel
    • Delivered 80% faster load times as well as 12% annual client cost savings, by converting legacy infrastructure to new cloud-based solution, as part of platform upgrade project for the Defence Science and Technology Agency


Project Management • Project Scoping Change Management IT Operations • Software Architecture & Development • Analysis & Strategy • Systems Rollout • Service Delivery Management • Procedural Review • External Vendor Management • Negotiations & Contracts • Troubleshooting & Support • Team Leadership


TECHNICAL PROJECT MANAGER                                           Jul 2014 – Present
PROJECT MANAGER                                                               Apr 2013 – Jun 2014
Microsoft, Singapore
Microsoft develops, licenses and supports software, services, devices, and solutions worldwide. They employ over 130K staff globally, generating sales of USD$118.2B
  • Lead team of 25 to oversee conception, requirement gathering, documentation and rollout of business-focused projects (budgeted from USD$2M to USD$20M) across APAC; devise and communicate key objectives, KPIs and project timelines to senior management and project delivery team
  • Manage project implementation and deployment. Track performance, identify bottlenecks, and determine response measures to ensure project delivered within time and budget constraints
  • Conduct troubleshooting, support and analysis. Gather user feedback, document bugs and change requests, identify opportunities to enhance processes, and deliver workshops and training sessions
  • Direct stakeholder management, coordinating with senior management, engaging with third-party vendors, and overseeing negotiations and contracts

Selection of Projects

1) Project: Client CRM Application Development (APAC), Developmental Bank of Singapore (DBS)

  • Managed team of 15, directing implementation and optimisation of new Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution, deployed over more than 250 branches, in 50+ cities. Oversaw project budget of USD$20M
  • Coordinated with developers, support staff and vendors across Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India, managing systematic rollout and ensuring all functionalities and processes were delivered with 0 disruptions and/or delays
  • Delivered solution USD$1.8M under budget by identifying opportunity to renegotiate supplier contracts, leveraging third-party consolidation options

2) Project: IT System Consolidation (APAC), SingTel

  • Spearheaded consolidation of IT systems and processes spread across 4 overseas locations and 30+ regional offices, as well as platform migration of high availability systems, databases, legacy and productivity systems, operating within budget of USD$15M
  • Led project delivery, reviewing multiple technology solutions and selecting best based on quality and cost effectiveness, saving client USD$150K per annum
  • Increased productivity by 25%, without the need of additional staff or equipment, by streamlining system processes

3) Project: Public Platform Revamp, Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA), Ministry of Defence

  • Led team of 5, analysing and identifying enhancement opportunities to the DSTA ‘Innovation’ platform (designed to facilitate access and engagement to more than 15,000 users, over 40,000+ devices across Singapore)
  • Determined and defined business requirements, identified areas of process improvement, and presented business case and tender to client senior management team, securing project valued in excess of USD$2M
  • Directed platform upgrade project, converting legacy infrastructure to new cloud-based solution, delivering 80% faster load times as well as 12% annual cost saving to the client
PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR                                                     Oct 2010 – Mar 2013
Hewlett-Packard, Singapore
Hewlett-Packard is a leading technology company, specialising in Hybrid IT, Intelligent Edge, Financial Services, and Corporate Investments. As of 2015 they employed more than 300K staff globally, generating sales of over $109B
  • Contributed to project scoping and delivery across desktop, server and storage solutions for corporate and government clients across Singapore, valued from USD$150K to USD$5M
  • Managed project analysis and preliminary manpower allocation, scheduling, and cost control, liaising with client and senior Project Team. Supported Pre-Sales team in drafting and preparation of tenders
  • Coordinated project delivery, managing teams of 2-8, monitoring deployment, verifying delivery timeframes and objectives, and acting as central point of contact for all project stakeholders


Project Management: PMI-Certified PMP, Clarity, MS Project
Data Modelling: ERD, Data Flow Diagrams, UML, Use Case Modelling
Development Methods: Agile, Waterfall
Software Engineering: Full SDLC exposure, Software Quality Assurance
Languages: Jave, J2EE
Databases: Oracle (SQL PLUS, P/L SQL), MS Access
Web Tools: HMTL, XML/XSL, PHP, JavaScript, Apache
Operating Systems: Unix, Windows, AS400


Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
Project Management Institute | Singapore | 2013
Certified Scrum Master (CSM)
Scrum Alliance | Singapore | 2011
Bachelor of Engineering (Software Engineering – First Class Honours)
National University of Singapore | Singapore | 2010


Nationality: Singaporean
Languages: Fluent in English and Mandarin
Availability: 2 months’ notice

Want a winning CV like the IT Project Manager Resume Sample above?


Tip #1 – Build a Trophy Case:

Want to make a hiring manager go “WOW!” when they read your resume?

Be more than just a planner!

Hiring managers aren’t impressed by someone who just knows how to do project management…

…they’re dazzled by someone that excels at it!

Build a trophy case, and show off your achievements.

Demonstrate how your project management has led to tangible business benefits.

…delivered solution on time and USD$1.8M under budget, by identifying opportunity to renegotiate existing supplier contracts …

…reviewed available technology platforms, assessing quality and cost efficiency, and saved client USD$150K per annum without sacrificing performance…

…reviewed competition offerings, compiled gap analysis, and presented business case, securing project valued at USD$2M…

If your CV shows you can deliver great value, you’re on the right path for career success!

Tip #2 – Go Big Picture:

To ensure you have a truly excellent Project Lead resume…

…make it clear you can see the BIG PICTURE!

A great Project Manager can:

Identify requirements, develop a roadmap, track performance, and align a project to the business needs!

If you demonstrate you can plan delivery from end-to-end and understand the business goals behind the project…

…it shows your decision-making will be sharp, and your strategies focused.

…devise key objectives, key performance indicators and project timelines with senior management…

…oversee projects’ conception, requirements gathering, documentation and rollout…

…track performance, identify bottlenecks, and draft response plans, ensuring project delivered on time and below budget …


Tip #3 – Be a Leader:

What makes an exceptional Project Manager resume?

It’s not just about showing you know how to plan a project and its delivery:

It’s proving you have the ability to lead and communicate across all levels:

…direct stakeholder management, co-ordinating with senior management, engaging with third-party vendors, and overseeing negotiations and contracts …

…manage development teams across Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India…

…conduct troubleshooting, support and analysis, gathering user feedback and delivering workshops and training sessions…

When you showcase your outstanding communication and leadership skills in your resume…

you get ahead of the competition!


Tip #4 – Showcase your Credentials & Expertise:

To present yourself as a top-class, professional Project Manager, you need to:

Display your Credentials & Expertise.

Are you certified? Do you hold any professional memberships? What skillsets do you have?

…Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)…

…Scrum Alliance Membership holder, and active participant in the Scrum community…

…well-versed in SDLC planning, SIT/UAT Testing, UX Feedback gathering…

By showing that you’re recognised and established in your field, and presenting your areas of expertise, you prove you’re a quality candidate…

and increase your chances of getting hired!


Tip #5 – Name and Quantify to Add Value:

Want to know one of the biggest resume mistakes you can make?

It’s not adding context or scale.

“As a Project Manager I manage project delivery.”

That tells a hiring manager essentially…


“As a Technical Project Manager I manage project delivery across Financial Services, Banking, and E-Commerce.”

Okay! Much more useful!

This top resume technique works in other areas too:


“Led project management for Ernst & Young, DBS, and eBay,” sounds a lot better than simply “Led client project management.”

Including numbers can also be incredibly effective, giving a hiring manager a clear sense of your scale and value!

…overseeing up to 14+ projects simultaneously…

…managing operational budgets of USD$25-75M…

…leading teams of 25-40…

Want to get an interview?

Name drop and quantify to show your worth!


Tip #6 – How Long Should a CV Be? Not That Long:

Number 1, TOP resume mistake?

Building a CV that’s too LONG!

The ideal resume length is 2-3 pages, MAXIMUM.


Because nobody cares what you were doing 10+ years ago!


Stick to the present…

…you stay relevant!

You used to be in IT Support? Neat, but no project management hiring manager wants to know what shifts you covered or how many support cases you resolved.

The longer your CV, the less likely it packs a punch:

Keep it short, simple, and strong.

All done?

That’s it! 6 easy tips, and you too can make sure you’ve got a great Project Manager resume…

…but to help you land your next amazing project management position, let’s go a step further!

Here are a 4 more BONUS Quick Tips, looking outside your resume:

  • Network, Network, Network: Some of the best roles aren’t advertised… Someone on the inside knows they’re coming and refers a friend/colleague/acquaintance – Keep in touch, and have your CV ready!
  • Be active on professional Social Media: LinkedIn is a powerful resource, use it!
  • Scour job boards: Don’t miss out on an awesome project management opportunity just because you didn’t see it! – Check out our complete list of job sites in Singapore
  • Reach out to headhunters: Recruiters are liars? You won’t work with headhunters? You’re missing out! Recruiters can help sell you to a company direct… take advantage of them – We’ve got a handy list of headhunters in Singapore to help you get started
  • Benchmark your salary against others in your industry, to negotiate the pay you deserve. Check out our complete Singapore salary guide for your industry this year.

With these tips you’ll be sure to find your next amazing project management role…

…and your great Project Manager CV will be ready and waiting!

Want an expert opinion before you send it out to online job applications?


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