Everyone’s Favourite SPG Is Back… | Barbarella’s Resume Sample

Back in the day when real news didn’t feel like satire, creative broadcasting companies decided to make their own spoofs of the evening newsย  (remember The Onion? Or The Noose?).

Fans of The Noose will recall a fun, sassy weathergirl and news reporter โ€“ Barbarella โ€“ played by Singaporean actress Michelle Chong.

Several years ago, when her handsome ang moh boyfriend swept her off her feet, she vanished quietly from our TV screens.

An ill-fated romance and endless holidays around the world later, Barbarella’s now returned to Singapore, out of money (and love) โ€“ leaving her little choice but to re-enter the workforce.

So to help her out in her job hunt, we crafted her a CV in her own unique, cheeky tone:


What do you think of Barbarella’s CV?

We hope you had as much fun reading it as we did writing it!

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