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Here’s a sample resume we recently produced for an Operations Manager in Singapore.




Tel.: +65 XXXX XXXX | Email: h.chan@email.com | Nationality: Singaporean


  • Operations Manager with robust experience in developing and executing company-wide business strategies and action plans across IT and e-commerce industries
  • Instrumental in supporting start-up of new operations in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Philippines. Managed team of 20 writers to achieve annual sales target of USD 500’000 for all offices
  • Strong track record for reducing processing time or new orders by 25% through streamlining procedures and optimising manpower
  • Proven ability to handle customer service and reduce customer complaint response time from 48 hours to 6 hours by implementing priority customer management and corrective and preventive action procedures

[This section gives a good helicopter view of the candidate. If you can quantify your current role and mention it on the summary, it will help scale yout current responsibilities.]


Strategic Planning & Implementation Staff Development & Retention
Sales & Market Analysis Stakeholder Management
Budget & PL Management Project Management

[Ensure the keywords here mirror those used in the job ad. The first round of vetting is often done by a software scanner. This section helps to pad the CV with key operations management phrases necessary to get past those scanners.]


OPERATIONS MANAGER                                                                  May 2013 – Present
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of leading firm in Singapore that provides CV writing and job hunting businesses to local and foreign clients. Support operations for new offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Philippines  [This is a good opening line as it clearly states the focus of responsibility and what the company does. In 1 line, the reader knows exactly the what the role is about.]
  • Lead team of 20 writers, 4 resume consultants, and 2 career mentors to achieve annual sales target of USD 500’000. Supervise team in managing client orders, discussing requirements, scheduling interviews, and ensuring settlement of payments [This line greatly demonstrates the candidate’s management skills. Mention the teams and/or departments you are supervising in order to establish your managerial function.]
  • Analyse existing organisational procedures to conceptualise and roll out process improvement strategies; manage multiple internal stakeholders and liaise closely with technology team to coordinate website management and optimisation techniques with minimal disruption to business [Operations is about process improvement and roll out. Make sure to talk about this in your work description.]
  • Implement long-term business strategies and manage company’s P&L. Achieve set number of client orders and agreed budgeted targets, and deliver annual budgeted EBITDA and profit targets [Exposure to the financial side business also boosts your profile.]
  • In-charge of determining KPIs and goals for resume writers and mentors; lead appraisals and promotions for staff who are performing beyond expectations
  • Assist with customer service; communicate closely with existing clients and potential customers regarding inquiries on services, pricing, process, and offers [Show that you also have hands-on experience in the business.]

Significant Highlights

  • Instrumental in meeting monthly sales target of USD 40’000 through performing sales and market analysis, strategic planning, and P&L management. Pivotal in increasing annual profit by 25% year on year [Cite quantifiable metrics to support your achievements. Do, however, be aware of your company confidentiality clause.]
  • Successfully reduced processing time or new orders from 24 hours to 2 hours through process and manpower optimisation [The more data you provide, the better.]
  • Implemented new case assignment procedure for writers which increased initial response rate to clients by 80% and reduced client’s complaints response time from 48 hours to 6 hours.

SALES & OPERATIONS EXECUTIVE                                                 Feb 2010 – Apr 2013

  • Led sales strategy planning and execution for one of Asia’s leading e-commerce website.Work with team of 12 sales executives to achieve monthly sales target USD 100’000 [Simple, clear overview of the job you previously done. Notice also how the remaining bullet points are shorter. No need to go into deep detail about previous workscopes.]
  • Reviewed and refined sales process and incorporated resource management functions to achieve firm deals visibility and maximise resource allocation and allocation
  • Liaised closely with Marketing team to brainstorm and implement strategic marketing tactics that will drive sales and achieve profit

Significant Highlight

  • Instrumental in exceeding revenue targets by 200% after integrating sales operations with resource management over two quarters


  • Bachelor of Science in Management, SIM | 2009


  • Technical Skills: MS Office Suite, basic HTML
  • Languages: English, Mandarin, and Cantonese
  • Availability: 2 months’ notice

References available upon request
[There’s no need to list your references; if HR is interested in you they will ask you for them.]

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About the Operations Manager Role

An operations manager is responsible for overseeing the entire business’s operations, including analysing statistics, managing budget and expenses, as well as reading and writing reports. It is the operations manager’s task to ensure that the organisation is running as smoothly and efficiently as it possibly can, with a profitable service that meets the expectations and requirements of its customers.

Managing a company’s operations is, therefore, a crucial function in many organisations in Singapore. This is the reason why there are many operations management jobs available. However, to be hired, it’s not enough to know that you have the right skills for the job. You also need to be able to prove yourself as the right candidate for the position through your CV.

If you need help crafting an operations manager resume that stands out, here is our step-by-step guide that should help you write that winning resume

Key Pointers Hiring Managers Look For in an Operations Manager Resume:

  • Ability to Plan and Control Change: Many businesses are shifting towards an agile model of business execution where changes are done quickly and easily. An excellent operations manager should therefore not only be able to keep up with these changes, but plan and control them, more importantly. Showcase projects and programs where you were able to lead a successful change and its positive result to the entire business.
  • Ability to Manage Operations Cost Effectively: Along with overseeing the day-to-day activities in the office and employees’ execution of their functions, office managers also manage costs associated with the business’ operations. A great operations manager can utilise existing operations budget effectively and even achieve savings without sacrificing quality of technology, tools, and/or manpower.
  • Flexibility & Versatility: Highlight your flexibility and versatility in directing various organisational functions in an organisation, including (but not limited to) procurement, logistics, hiring and recruitment, staff management, product management, and process implementation. Additionally, speak about how you are capable of motivating a team and leading staff towards achievement of overall business goals.

Additional Operations Manager Resume Writing Tips

  • Business operations management cover a broad field of knowledge and discipline, and the specific responsibilities will vary from one organisation to another. It is, therefore, important to highlight the specific areas of your expertise and the nature of businesses you’ve managed. This will not only keep a focus on your profile, but will also give an idea to hiring managers whether or not you would be a great fit to a specific operations manager role.
  • Aside from speaking about your operational, strategic, and management skills, make sure to mention quantifiable results that you were able to achieve from the policies and/or processes you’ve implemented. Numbers are a great way to support the success of your current and previous roles.

Operations Manager Job Opportunities

  • As operations manager role is pivotal to the success and growth of many businesses, it can be available to many industries, such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, construction, as well as banking and insurance. Identify first and foremost the industry or type of business you will be comfortable and confident in managing. You will have a higher chance of getting hired in an industry you have worked for previously. Hence, if you are only looking to transfer to a different company under the same industry, start looking for job vacancies among close competitors or related businesses of your most current employer.
  • Sign up to and scour job search websites for jobs and opportunities. Explore these top job search portals or our complete list of job sites in Singapore to get started.
  • Alternatively, you can reach out to these top recruitment agencies and headhunters in Singapore to learn about any vacancies they may be trying to fill out.

Job Hunting Tips from our Resident Headhunter

  • Earning a certification specifically for operations management is optional, but may significantly increase your employment options and opportunities, as well as professional advancement. A certification will increase your functional knowledge and demonstrates professional expertise particularly in managing a business’ operations.
  • Get the basics of resume writing right – learn our secrets to crafting a killer CV in our ultimate resume guide.
  • Create a winning cover letter and send it along your resume. The cover letter will serve as an introduction about yourself and is a great venue to answer the question “Why should we hire you?”
  • Building up your LinkedIn presence is one of the best things you can do for yourself in today’s job search landscape. Having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile, filled with the right keywords, makes you easily discoverable to potential employers. Make sure to create a strong online profile that represents you and you professional experiences. Here’s how to write a great LinkedIn profile.
  • Landed an interview? Great! Be sure to prepare well for these common interview questions, and follow our tips and tricks to ace your job interview.
  • Benchmark your salary against others in your industry, to negotiate the pay you deserve. Check out our complete Singapore salary guide for your industry this year.

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