Marketing Manager CV [Full Sample]

Here’s a full Marketing Manager resume sample, which we wrote for a client recently. This Marketing Manager Resume Example has all the elements needed to create a great CV – an awesome Executive Summary highlighting the important parts, the key skills obtained in previous roles, and a full rundown of professional and educational experience. It also invites the hiring manager to reach out for references if they’re interested in you.

Writing a Marketing Manager Resume

Follow the steps of our resume writing guide and you’ll have a killer CV in no time!

1. Resume Header

Ensure your header clearly states your Name, Email Address and Contact Number. There is no need to put your home address or identification number.

2.Breaking Down the Marketing Manager Resume Sample

An Executive Summary is the opening paragraph of your CV – we prefer using this to a resume objective. As marketers, you can think of this as your elevator pitch.

In the 6 seconds recruiters spend reading your CV, they will read your Executive Summary first.

This means the Executive Summary is arguably the most important part in your resume. It should inform them all they need to know about you and your career.

Be sure to present your unique selling point and career narrative in your Executive Summary.

  • Accomplished Marketing Manager with 10 years of experience at various large bluechip companies, delivering marketing campaigns across multiple industries.
  • Experienced with large data sets, integrating data with storytelling to drive results and meet established KPIs.
  • Fun, outgoing personality, with a keen interest to nurture professional relationships across different departments.

  • Marketing Manager with 10 years of experience in delivering award-winning online and offline campaigns for bluechip companies such as P&G, Shell, Audi and Lenovo.
  • Analytical mind with keen ability to analyse data to maximise marketing ROI. Deep experience in working with large datasets and macro consumer research data.
  • Experience in working in USA, Indonesia and Vietnam. Developed deep understanding of consumer nuances in each market.
Achievements include:
  • Part of team which won Clio Print Award (2014) for launch of new Audi Sedan (A4) in Australia
  • Nominated for best Mobile App (2015) at American Advertising Federation (ADDY) for digital application for US Air Force Recruitment

The second example demonstrates:

  • Candidate’s personal career narrative, from the prior companies she’s worked at, to the specific marketing domains she has experience in. In contrast, the first executive summary is bland and generic – what we call motherhood statements.
  • An understanding of what the recruiter is looking for. Every point answers the “So what?” question.
  • So what if the candidate has worked overseas? It means she is familiar with specific consumer nuances across regional and global consumer markets.
  • So what if she enjoys working with large datasets? This implies a capability to crunch data, maximise marketing ROI to boost results and ultimately drive sales.
  • Candidate’s Key Achievements. As marketers, think of Achievements as case studies showing the recruiter why you should hired. You don’t just talk the talk – you walk the walk. We’ll elaborate more on Achievements below.

It isn’t easy to craft an effective elevator pitch. Likewise, writing a succinct Executive Summary is equally challenging. Don’t fret – we’re here to help you! Just send us your Resume for a free review – we’ll look through it and share our feedback – all at no cost!

3.Key Skills to include in a Marketing Manager Resume

After captivating the recruiter with a strong Executive Summary, you want to show them specific skills you can bring to the table.

In this section, insert skills that you are proficient in. This could include creating marketing plans, managing a marketing budget, running social media campaigns and much more. Be mindful to include exact keywords used in the job description. This increases the chances of getting your resume past ATS scanners (resume scanning software).

ResumeWriter Tip: Scan the job application and add the exact key phrases used in the description, into your resume.

Examples of Hospitality Resume Key Skills:

  • ATL/BTL Campaigns
  • Market Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Client Account Management
  • CTR / CPM
  • Online Marketing Communications
  • Digital Media
  • Campaign Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Search Engine Optimisation/Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Marketing

4.Achievements and Work Experiences in Marketing Manager Resumes

Work Experiences

Break your work experiences into 2 parts – daily workscopes and achievements.

When writing daily workscopes, cluster them around responsibilities and high-level summaries, supporting them with metrics. Omit implied workscopes to save space.

Keep your CV short and sharp!

Here’s a sample Work Experiences section in a Marketing Manager Resume.

  • Conduct online and offline marketing for SingTel.
  • Manage projects, work with internal and external stakeholders, manage campaign budgets and timeline.
  • Attended weekly meetings with core team, and reported directly to Marketing Director.

Here’s another one.

Here’s how we improved his resume’s Work Experiences.

  • Lead team of 6 to manage all aspects of online and offline marketing for SingTel. Create integrated campaigns to meet new subscriber targets whilst maintaining profitable user acquisition costs.
  • Manage projects from inception to campaign optimisation, oversee communication with internal and external stakeholders, manage campaign budgets and monitor schedule.
  • Handle all facets of developing ATL, BTL, digital vehicles, NPP, Online Banners, eDMS, and SEM.

Clearly, the latter Work Experience example reads so much better than the former.


  • Again, the second Work Experience example highlighted specific traits. We know exactly what this marketing manager specialises in (integrated campaigns). We also know she is a team player.
  • We understand her exact marketing areas of focus: She’s experienced with ATL, BTL, digital vehicles, NPP, Online Banners, eDMS, and SEM.
  • Implied work experiences like attending meetings are omitted.

5. Key Achievements

Writing effective workscopes is important.

But Achievements are the X-factor that help you stand out from other Marketing Managers.

It is critical you write great Achievements.


Take a look at this example.

Significant Highlights
  • Successfully captured 4,800 new mobile contract signups during 4 week integrated offline & online campaign. Worked with product teams to distill key new mobile contract benefits, built microsites and ran integrated campaigns across all channels (social, banners, eDM, print). Exceed KPIs by 18% whilst meeting all budget targets. Received commendation from senior management for excellent work.

This candidate’s workscope tells us she specialises in running integrated campaigns.

But this Achievements shows how she successfully executed an integrated offline & online campaign to drive business results.

As a recruiter, wouldn’t you invite this candidate for an interview?

Writing great Achievements are the secret sauce to a successful resume. As a Marketing Manager, what kinds of Marketing-related Achievements could you write?

  • Include projects which you have led and their resulting tangible business benefits. These benefits could be:
  • Viral nature of campaign (in # of shares)
  • Revenue / Traffic gain to client
  • Share of Voice garnered in media
  • Campaign Clicks
  • Local marketing awards

  • Tie your projects to business benefits. Hiring managers and employers want to see your results.

  • Include as many details as possible on the success of your projects. With the advent of online advertising and measurement software, there is plenty of emphasis these days on metrics from advertising campaigns. Effective metrics to capture include:
  • Traffic
  • Conversion rates
  • ROI
  • Revenues from marketing projects you spearheaded

  • One especially crucial area to talk about is your experience in optimising campaigns with the data that flows in.

Bonus Job Hunting Tips for Marketing Managers

You’ve learnt what it takes to write a successful Marketing Manager Resume. But what exactly are some of the latest skills that Marketing Manager recruiters looking out for?

Key Pointers Hiring Managers Look For in Marketing Manager Resumes

We’ve poked around our network of recruiters and headhunters in Singapore. This is what we’ve learnt:

  • Your ability to win clients with excellent creative pitches.
  • Your experiences in working with multiple vendors and teams to deliver 360 degree marketing campaigns.
  • Your knowledge of online marketing tools and track record for optimising online campaigns based on data-driven marketing initiatives.
  • Your ability to track, analyse, synthesise and draw actionable insights from data.

Marketing Manager Free CV Feedback

  • Now you know how to write a great Marketing Manager Resume, and what the latest hiring trends are. Why not try writing your own resume, using our Free Downloadable Resume Templates?
  • If you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to help!
  • Before you start sending out applications, don’t forget to get a free CV Feedback Session with our team! We’ll give your resume a free review, before you start sending out applications!

Marketing Job Opportunities in Singapore

  • Join LinkedIn groups or follow companies you wish to work for to keep abreast with new job openings.
  • Alternatively, you can reach out to these headhunters in singapore to learn about any vacancies they may be trying to fill out.

How to Score More Marketing Manager Job Interviews

Before You Go…

Be sure to download this resume sample, which uses our tested-and-proven resume writing techniques, as a guide for your own CV. Best part is, this sample is available for free 🙂

And before you start sending out applications, send us your resume for a free CV feedback analysis from our team. We’ll review your CV in detail, share personalised feedback on its strengths and weaknesses, and show you how you can improve it.

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