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As a former headhunter with over 10 years of recruitment experience, I've seen it all

Adrian Tan

Ex-MD of 2 Recruitment Firms & HR Entrepreneur of the Year 2013

As a former headhunter with over 10 years of recruitment experience, I've seen it all

I've helped my clients weather through multiple financial crises and retrenchment exercises. My team and I know how to navigate the toughest of job markets

Adrian Tan

Adrian Tan previously founded and led 2 recruitment firms in Singapore. Since 2015, he’s been a career coach, helping clients from all over the world get their dream job in Singapore. Adrian and his team have been featured in several major publications including:

Boutique Outplacement Experts

My name is Adrian Tan, and as a former headhunter, I know the ins and outs of the recruitment industry. For over a decade, I’ve worked with clients of all levels in pretty much every role, getting them interview call ups in some of the most competitive industries such as investment banking and management consulting.

Job hunting is tough work. Especially so for jobseekers who’ve been employed at the same company for many years. Today’s job market is so much more complex, with everything online. It can get overwhelming for some employees.

For this reason, our bepsoke outplacement programs covers a broad range of services including:

  • Linkedin And CV Writing Service
  • Interview Coaching With Video Recording
  • Advice On Getting Jobs From Your Personal Network
  • 1-on-1 Career Counselling With Adrian Tan
  • Actual Jobhunting Email Scripts to Send To Headhunters (Which Get Responses)

We can offer our all-inclusive and tailored-for-you service to only a handful of clients at a time. To maintain our quality standards, we don't take on more than a few cases every week.

To see how we can work together, drop us email: adrian@resumewriter.sg