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Job Placement: Lite 30 Days


Your job placement team will do

  • Up to 50 job applications in 30 days
  • We’ll only apply to jobs you shortlist & send to us
  • Generic CV & Cover Letter for each application (No Tailoring)

Video Explainer: Click Here

Individual Addons:

  • Package Includes:

    • Experienced CV Writer
    • Phone Call with CV Writer
    • CV Rewrite (ATS Compliant)
    • Unlimited CV Drafts (10 Days)

    Optional Add-Ons:

    • LinkedIn Update
    • Cover Letter
    • Career Coaching
    • Get market data on what your salary should be based on your experience
    • Plan conversation scripts you should tell HR to boost their offer by 15%
    • Practice scripts with your coach during the call
    • If you’re unsure about your next career move, book a call with one of our career coaches.
    • Dive deep into your career history & identify your core strengths
    • Identify promising career paths which leverage on your innate talents
    • 1-on-1 interview training session
    • List of interview questions to expect
    • Includes video recording

Price Details

  • Job Placement: Lite 30 Days $ 50
Order Total: $50