Mid Career CV Package (Between 5 - 15 Year Experience)

We’ll write you an effective CV tailored for your desired role. Once you’ve ordered your package, you’ll be assigned a Resume Writing Consultant that specialises in your field.

Your Consultant will schedule an in-depth 1-1 phone interview to discuss your career goals and work experience, outline a strategy for your CV, and share expert guidance.

SGD 790


Get our complete jobseeker add-on bundle at a special discounted rate:

Get 30% OFF (SAVE 98 SGD) our Full Jobseeker add-on bundle! We'll craft you a targeted Cover Letter, perfect your LinkedIn Profile, and give you access to our highly effective Jobseeker Email Scripts. Our Complete Jobseeker Package includes:
  • Cover Letter Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Update
  • Jobseeker Email Scripts

Or get our individual add-ons:

Recruiters are always searching LinkedIn for great candidates, and Hiring Managers use it to research new applicants - It's critical your LinkedIn Profile looks its best. We'll optimise it with industry keywords so you rank higher in searches, and make sure the content is appealing, easy to read, and impressive.
While a strong CV presents your overall career history, a targeted Cover Letter adds voice and weight. A Cover Letter appeals directly to a Hiring Manager, and shows them why you'd be perfect for their organisation and their role. It stands you out from other jobseekers, and can even help you land positions you’re not quite qualified for! With a focused Cover Letter we'll identify the best way to showcase your skills to a specific role, add character to your applications, and get you one step closer to your dream job.
Jobseeking today is about more than just submitting an application. An effective Jobseeker knows they need to network, think outside the box, and open up a path themselves to their next opportunity. Our Jobseeker Email Scripts will show you how to do just that. You'll have lifetime access to our exclusive email templates, that tackle every scenario you need in your job search. Templates include:
  • How to connect with a Headhunter
  • How to message Hiring Managers directly
  • How to get your foot in the door
  • How to effectively follow-up post-interview
  • ...and many more!

Need your new CV ASAP?

With Express Delivery, you'll receive the 1st Draft of your resume within 1 working day of your phone interview.

The Express service fee is non-refundable, and subject to availability (please contact us to confirm).

*Non-Express (standard) delivery is 3 working days after the phone interview.
Total: SGD 790