Senior CV Package (Over 15 Years Experience)$599


Get the full add-on bundle! If you're ordering a LinkedIn Update and Cover Letter, select this option and we'll toss in the Recruiter Follow Up Email Scripts for FREE! (SAVE 99 SGD)
Have our team spruce up your LinkedIn Profile! We'll optimise it with industry keywords to maximise your chances of getting headhunted on LinkedIn! Even if you apply for a position with your regular CV, recruiters will still search for your profile on LinkedIn. Ensure your online profile impresses them as well!
Your CV is a factual document that tells your career history. A great cover letter though, gives an opportunity to give your application a voice, a chance to tell your story. When used correctly, it can convince recruiters to give you an opportunity for a higher position that you're not quite fully qualified for. It's a trojan horse to get your foot in the door. Not enough job seekers realise the power of a well-crafted cover letter.

When you add a cover letter to your order, your CV writer will decide on the most effective strategy to craft your cover letter, ensuring that your cover letter and CV complement each other efficiently.
Gain lifetime access to our email scripts for jobseekers! This contains exclusive email templates for different situations that will crop up during your job search. Templates include:
  • Post-interview thank you emails
  • How to ask a headhunter to connect with you
  • How to get a coffee meeting
  • How to message hiring managers on LinkedIn
  • ...and many more!
A great CV isn't enough. You need to paint a picture of you being a great all-rounded candidate as well. These scripts will help you do that.
With Express, get placed at the top of the priority list and receive the first draft of your resume within 1 working day of your phone interview. Non-Express (normal) delivery is 3 working days after the phone interview. The express service fee is non-refundable.

Total: $599